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Josh and Susan - Boy and a Girl From Puyallup: Demons and Saints

Demons and Saints: Murder of Susan Cox Powell's Family

A Boy and a Girl in Puyallup

Date: 1976 Josh is born

Joshua Powell was born January 20, 1976 in Spokane, the largest city in Eastern Washington, not far from the Idaho border along Interstate 90. He lived there until the age of 16 when he moved to Puyallup, a suburb in the Seattle-Tacoma south Puget Sound at age 17 with his father Steven Powell who sold furniture. 

Josh was the second oldest child of 4 who in 1992 ranged in age from 18 to 7. Steve given custody of the three boys,  while Josh's mother Terrica had custody of Alina, their youngest daughter (believes Josh is innocent after he killed his sons). Brothers Michael (put up website saying Cox family is a danger to grandchildren) attending University of Minnesota, John (who reported greets police without clothing at front door) and estranged sister Jennifer Graves (believes Josh responsible for disappearance of Susan) Estranged from Jennifer since 1992 divorce His mother was an observant Mormon, but Steve drifted away from the LDS church. 

Date: 1992: Teenage Josh Powell
Terrica Powell.... recalled how Josh killed baby hamsters by throwing them against the side of their cages.  And she said Josh's father, Steven Powell, "has totally stripped away all respect in Josh ... for fidelity in marriage and loyalty to one's spouse."

Feb. 9, 2012 Josh Powell, the husband of a missing Utah woman who killed himself and his two young sons last week, was a disturbed adolescent who threatened and hit his mother, according to 1992 court documents obtained by ABC News. The documents, filed during the divorce of Josh Powell's parents in Washington state, Steven and Terrica Powell, include several statements by Terrica Powell describing her son's disturbing behavior. Terrica Powell wrote that her son once tried to commit suicide and also threatened her with a butcher knife. On other occasions, he and one of his brothers pushed and hit her, she wrote.
The butcher knife incident, Terrica Powell wrote, was the result of her asking her son to do the dishes. 
The divorce of Steve and Terrica Powell involved allegations of mental unfitness, pornography, polygamy and even witchcraft. There were serious conflicts over religion and parenting, and a tug-of-war ensued over the children, who at the time ranged in age from 18 to 7. Josh, the second oldest child, was 16. 
Steve eventually was given custody of the three boys, while Terrica had custody of Alina, their youngest daughter — though within a couple years she also went to live with her father. 

In 1992 court filings, Steve claimed his wife, who studied herbs and natural healing, had mixed a New Age mysticism with Mormon beliefs in a way that amounted to practicing "witch craft and devil worship."
Terrica responded that it was Steve who collected books on the occult and claimed his interest in pornography, which he had shared with their sons, had corrupted him.
"A huge part of that case involved the pornographic interest of Steven Powell and the impact it was having on the children," said Tacoma attorney Steve Downing, who represents Powell’s in-laws Chuck and Judy Cox.

Date:  1996  Student at Pierce Community College

The 7th commenter wrote: "Josh Powell also lived in Puyallup at least in his late teens/early twenties. I met him as a fellow student at Pierce Community College and He was my Senior prom date in 1996. I do not know if his family is still there."  That is fine and great that he went to Pierce College (Not Pierce Community College), but they do not grant bachelor's degrees, only associates degrees. He probably got a two year, then transferred to a 4 year college. End result? He still has no 4 year degree. Here is their website:

Date: 1999
Marini's husband, Tim, met Joshua Powell in 1999 at the singles ward in Tacoma, Wash. The couples were close until Rachel Marini had a falling out with Joshua Powell during a road trip from Utah to Washington several years ago. Rachel Marini, who met the couple shortly after they wed in 2001.
"She had lots of people tell her to end it and get a divorce because it was not worth going through that kind of heartache," Marini said. "But Susan didn't want to give up on her marriage."
However, the Marinis stayed close with Susan via Facebook. Over the past year or so, Susan told the couple the relationship "was still pretty bad, but that for the first time, Susan started standing up for herself," Rachel Marini said. 
Mr. Powell reported he : met at Mormon Ward function. They were about age 20. He estimated he were together for 16 months. The couple dated for about a year  prior to living together. During their relationship, they had been attending college. One point in  their relatiormhip, they took a "break" and during this period ?susan? dated other men. Once  and Josh got back together, he learned more about s involvement with another rrian and this had eroded his trust rn her. Ultimately, this caused the end of their relationship. 

Mr. Powell met Susan in 2000, when he was 24 and Susan was 19. They met at a Mormon  sponsored function. In April 2001, after dating about six months, the couple married. Mr. Powell  reported a positive marriage. He noted that eventually Susan's parents urged her to have a  separate bank account. He noted he had been agreeable to this idea and stated, "It was like an  allowance. Each one of us was to have fun-money to spend without having to discuss it with each other. 

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