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Alina Powell Impersonates Missing Susan Powell on Youtube

Update: 7/14/2012: I left a tip with West Valley Police AND THEY ACTUALLY CALLED BACK on this video. Lets hope they track down who this impersonator is and have a good long talk with Alina and Michael.

Somebody, apparently Alina Powell with help of brother Michael in Minneapolis who is also an expert on creating disinformation web sites, has posted the video created and narrated by Alina Powell which continues the discredited theory that Susan left her husband rather than the nearly certain scenario that Josh murdered her, and he murdered his sons because they were witnesses, not because he was unfairly treated by authorities who if anything, gave him a total pass. Youtube can terminate accounts for impersonation, certainly for impersonation of a dead person, but it is better to leave this up for the whole world to see into the mind of Josh's surviving siblings.

Now that the Osmond family is getting involved, they should know about this continuing atrocity. There should be a law against relatives continuing to spread disinformation about an obvious murder. They should come clean and confess, and accept whatever punish man or god sees fit for them.

The Josh and Susan Powell Story - What Really Happened

Published on May 17, 2012 by Susan Powell
Josh Powell is innocent. I left Josh Powell, now my boys are dead because of my parents (Chuck Cox & Judy Cox) feuding with the Powell's.

Truly yours, always and forever,
Susan Cox Powell
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Alina can't even get the terminology right from her side. The Cox family calls her "Susan Cox Powell". The Susan Powell that "ran away" never used the term, it is the term being used by the Cox family to emphasize the side of the family who cares about the possible murder of their daughter. The Powells have never made any effort to locate or contact Susan.

Especially sick comments from Alina:

Joshua and our boys love camping, i love camping, Every time Joshua and I camp he bends me over the fire pit. The heat from the fire hurts my ginger butt at first but at the end it feels sexy and I moan Joshua all night long.

  • Oh My I Knew Josh And Steven Was Sick And Twisted, I never Knew Alina Was Just As Sick Josh Murdered Susan, He Then Murdered His Sons. Why Dont You Use Your Own Name And Leave Susan And Her Family Alone.
  • Joshua and our boys love camping, i love camping, Every time Joshua and I camp he bends me over the fire pit. The heat from the fire hurts my ginger butt at first but at the end it feels sexy and I moan Joshua all night long.
  • this is just sick. This needs to be reported to Pierce County and West Valley police and FBI. There is no evidence Josh ever took his boys or Susan camping, or that he took his boys camping that night. No sleeping bags, no tent, no one has ever seen this man camp with his boys. He was only seen with co-conspirator Steven powell looking for a place to hide a body
  • There is absolutely no proof I am dead. I am alive. Where is your proof I am dead? Typing this message is consistent with a person alive not a person dead, all the evidence is consistent with me leaving Josh Powell and assuming a new identity not evidence of murder. I wish daddy Cox would stay off talk shows and look for me "he does not". I wish daddy Cox would stop trying to gouge people for money he is not owed "he will not".
  • Seriously? You alive? I think the cops and everyone else thinks your dead. Just cuz you write it don't mean it's true. Prove it. I saw a show where during the interview Josh said he went camping and forgot it was Sunday, and another interview he said he forgot it was Saturday. It can't be both. People have trouble keeping lies straight. Prove you're Susan and come forward. Josh murdered little children! Give us something to go on to find you.
  • Listen to the one minute fifty second portion of this video:
    It says,
    "Josh Powell's mood had changed drastically in recent days, he was more calm than usual but also seemed excited about the future". Of course Joshua changed drastically in recent days, he was excited I returned to give him sex for the first time in more than two years.
  • Hey ALINA POWELL Hope Your The Next One Behind Bars
  • This video is ridiculous. Josh Powell was an evil person who took a hatchet to the heads and necks of his two innocent boys and then killed himself by blowing up his house. This video is a farce and is full of all kinds of falsities and misinformation, all in effort to try and make us feel sorry for a heinous murderer. I find that "Susan Powell" commenting here is extremely offensive to the family and the public, who are very aware of this case.
  • Very familiar with the case? this means you are aware of Chuck Cox violating the restraining order and stalking Josh Powell? I put Chuck Cox violation on another site. I put dad Cox violation on my blog on my blog so the world remembers Chuck Cox is a stalker and stalked the Powell family.
  • How is it Kkiirsi Hellewell has such insightful knowledge of a man she never met?
    Kiirsi Hellewell is just like my daddy money greedy. Can you say Cha - Ching to Kiirsi and daddy Chuck. All Kiirsi Hellewell and daddy Chuck are interested in is $ from my disappearance.
  • Why is it I know I was not murdered and the Police can not prove there was a murder? How is it you know I was murdered but the Police do not know I was murdered? Where is your proof a murder was committed? My video is the truth of what really happened.
  • Where is your proof I was murdered, where is your proof anyone was murdered? There was no murder I am alive all alive. You are misguided. Do you have evidence a actual crime was committed? Where is your evidence to back your slanderous claim? Josh and his brother are innocent victims.
  • There is absolutely no proof Susan is alive and all of the evidence is consistent with a murder, none of it is consistent with Susan leaving. If this message was not from susan, then somebody, mostly likely Alina Powell who created this video, most likely with Michael's help, is promoting a lie. Please clarify exactly who you are if you are not Alina or Michael Powell.
  • There is absolutely no proof I am dead because I am alive all alive. There is absolutely no proof a actual crime was committed because no crime was committed I left Josh Powell (It is pretty hard to find some one when you do not want to be found). Josh Powell is a victim, Michael Powell is a victim, Steven Powell is a victim. Love, Susan
  • did michael help create and post this video?
  • More of Alaina and Michael's propoganda

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BlArthurHu said...

Update, they got caught:
This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.
Michael has since jumped to his death, evidently because authorities were getting too close to what he must have known about Susan's murder.