Friday, July 27, 2012

Support Allen West! Asians For America

Dear Patriot,
Congressman Allen West is in the fight of his life and he needs our help. Liberal Republicans and liberal Democrats have teamed up to defeat America's best Congressman.
Will please make a special generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $250 or more to help reelect Congressman Allen West?
Here is what Allen is up against:
The liberal GOP establishment first redrew Allen's district to make it more liberal.
These same liberals then recruited a left-wing "Republican in Name Only" to run against him in the primary.
Then, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama made Allen their number one target for defeat in the House of Representatives this year and recruited a tough, well-funded Democrat opponent.
Bill Maher, the "comedian" who is one of Barack Obama's biggest donors, is even getting involved. He just called Congressman Allan West an APE!
Now both the RINOs and every crazy left-wing group in America are gunning for Allen West.
That's why BAMPAC is going all out to support our good friend. We are going to pay for phone banks, ads, mailings and whatever Allan needs in order to make sure he wins this primary and gets reelected this fall.
However, I need your help. And I need it now.
Allen's primary is just weeks away and the Republican establishment would love to get him out of Congress.
Please click here to make the most generous contribution you can to help reelect Allen West.
No other incumbent conservative congressman is facing this kind of opposition. He is fighting both the liberal Republicans and the liberal Democrats! At the same time!
Allen would probably refer to this as a two front war. And I'm sure he's relishing this fight.
However, he can't win both the primary and the general election against such opposition without help.
And that is where BAMPAC comes in. BAMPAC is one of the top 25 PACs in the country. We provide the funding and other campaign support that conservative candidates need. Especially when they are under attack.
We ONLY support REAL conservatives.
And Allen West is about as real as they come.
That's why both the Republican political establishment and Barack Obama want him gone.
And they are doing everything they possibly can to defeat this brave man.
Please help Congressman West.
Make the most generous contribution you possibly can to BAMPAC's campaign to support Allen West
But please act quickly. Allen is fighting a nasty RINO opponent in his primary and we have to help him now.
Alvin Williams
President and CEO

Copyright 2011 Black America's Political Action Committee

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Anonymous said...

The much maligned idea of "redistribution" has been the source of virtually all funds for everything our nation has accomplished since its founding. Those who have much have always been the only ones who could bankroll our wars, roads, schools, and justice system.
Allen West doesn't understand how our nation is supposed to work. Under his approach, the rich eat cake, and the poor starve.