Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stairway to Heaven - on Violin and orchestra

Middle School? With a vocalist? Geez, it sounds like a pops orchestra.

Stairway to Heaven - Josh Vietti

Vitamin String Quartet

U Puget Sound college student deGraff version

Mexican with guitar

4 violins

Bach unaccompanied style

With respect to Adam DeGraff of The Dueling Fiddlers, for showing that this could be done! (High School talent show, October 2011.)

In response to many questions in the Comments: I picked this up by ear from the Dueling Fiddlers album 'Rock Violin', plus the Led Zep original of course. Check out the Dueling Fiddlers' Facebook page for more awesome rock violin... or if you want the sheet music, Adam DeGraff now has it available here:
http://www.fastwagon.com/dj2bq8 . Check it out!

Boy in front of stairway (with piano)

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