Saturday, July 07, 2012

Rochester MN June 2012 hit by Hurricane force winds, fells tree

Taken June 2012, we got caught in a severe storm warning in Rochester MN, and witnessed hurricane force winds that brought down an old tree at our house which had been hit the previous year by lightning.  Lady that lives at the house heard the tree making wierd noises and wondered if she should have the tree looked at,and she got her answer when the tree came down. Next day, city removed the part of the tree that blocked the road, but a tree service charged about $1600 to completely cut up and remove the tree and stump


Tree Removal Queens said...

Did the TV Station ever come? 'Cause that thing got purely ripped in half. Do you think or know if it was lightning damage or just the sheer force of Mother Nature?

-Carlos Hernandez

BlArthurHu said...

no tv station, lightning damage weakened the tree, winds tore the tree apart at weak point.