Thursday, July 05, 2012

Tom Lehrer's Element Songs And Reactions


I made a chemistry joke but there was no reaction

I was gunna tell you all a sodium joke but I didn't know Na.... Did you hear about the chemist who read a book about Helium? He couldn't put it down HeHe...........

Thumbs up if you came here from the big bang theory

This is the song Sheldon Cooper sang whilst he was drunk during a speech

Yeah, I was looking for a great Chemistry joke, but all of them argon. They died after overuse and abuse. We all tried to revive and helium, but sadly we could not curium. What a shame! Now we'll have to barium.

No, to most chemistry jokes, your response is Na.

It's a sad bismuth when people make chemistry jokes at least it's not boron

Too bad you can take all the bad chemistry jokes here and barium...

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