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Invest in Asian America: 3hrs on the iphone and that's a GOOD thing?

Video info:

"Invest in Asian America" highlights the global and transnational characteristics of Asian Americans.

Sponsored by Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) and produced by Niwa PR, an Asian American PR & Marketing agency, the video calls out Asian American economic contributions to the global economy in the United States and in Asia. It points to the use of new technology among Asians and economic exchange as ways that Asian Americans can play a key role in the development of global organizations and cross-border relations. The video also encourages multinational companies to invest in the development of the Asian Americans in the workforce.

My observations:

This puts a generally positive spin on the rise of Asians in America and their contributions in creating jobs and opportunity and investment, which is quite a contrast from either the "America is being taken over by Asians" threat view or the "Model Minority is a Rignt Wing Racist plot" view.


* Asians are among the most watched on Youtube (referring to the success of Asian American youtube channels like KevJumba and lesser stars like ClaraC)
* A lot of Chineses millionaires are settling here, and convincing China to invest in America
* Asians kids are really, really connected to the internet 3 hours a day on their phones (really?? I need a talk with my kids... And how many hours wasted a day on stupid Asian American youtube videos and online gaming?????)

(Interesting the "UCLA Asians in the library" girl shows up in the list of related videos when it finishes)

Here's the research


The 21st Century is America’s Pacific Century.

The Asia Pacific region is already 55% of the world’s economy2 And the US is the largest economy in Asia Pacific.

27% of US jobs created from exports come from trade with Asia. 3

“America’s great ticket to the future is that there is somebody here from everywhere.” -­‐ Bill Clinton, “Embracing Our Common Humanity” Speech, January 2012

Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial group.5

One of the most likely groups to start a business one out of five workers own their own businesses.6

One in five workers own their own business (wow... but because employment options are bad for immigrants?)

A 40% increase in five years!!!7

Asian American employers create an average of seven new jobs. 8

Asian Americans have made major contributions to the American economy.

• Yahoo! = Jerry ang

• Foursquare = Naveen Selvadurai

• LaLa = Bill Nguyen

• Google = Vic Gundotra

• Adobe = Shantanu Narayen

• NVIDIA = Jen-­‐Hsun Huang

Asian Americans are among the most watched on YouTube.9

1 America’s Pacific Century By Hillary Clinton

2 The APEC Region Trade and Investment, Australian Government 2011,­

3 WISERT Report, International Trade


Asia Matters for America, East-­‐West Center,



6 1.5 million small businesses

( / 7.2 million labor

force ( / = 20%.


8 2.8 million workers / 397,484 employer firms = 7.05 workers

9 Ryan Higa and Michelle Phan (Phan is from Australia...)


And they are the most active and experienced news viewers online.10

  Their kids are totally connected. (Three hours a day on a cell phone!)11

The Internet is Asian America’s link to their ethnic homelands.

They send money back to Asia

60% travel to Asia frequently.

Helping to convince Chinese to invest $5 billion in the US every


And settle 3,000 Chinese millionaires in the US every year.13

Asian Americans are an engine of growth.

A source of soft power. Invest in “somebody here from everywhere.”

“The Asian community is a very large economic force both inside and outside of the U.S. The more you understand what’s going on globally, and the impact that China and India are having on the world, the more you will recognize the importance of having Asians be part of your organization and leadership team.” -­‐Barbara Adachi, Managing Director of Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Human Capital Practice14

“Asians in America: Unleashing the Potential of the ‘Model Minority,’” a study from the Center for Work-­‐Life Policy, July 2011 Invest in Asian America.

10­‐and-­‐technology%20-­‐ slide 8 11 Nadra Kareem Nittle, “Minority youth media consumption may be hampering academic achievement,” Chicago Defender, July 13, 2011, 106 edition.




Sponsored by Wells Fargo Produced by Niwa Public Relations

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