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Chelene Nightingale "Ron Paul Republican"

Chelene Nightingale was the 2010 American Independent Party (AIP) candidate for Governor of California, and from the photo, is part of the Ron Paul Revolution (and a 9/11 truther) AIP is the state affiliate of the Constitution Party.

From Voices of the Ron Paul Revolution

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Southern Poverty Law Center "  Nightingale's SOS followers yelled slurs at the church's two deacons, calling them "dyke spike," "clergy dyke" and "dykie-do." "
American Free Press (succesor to Willis Carto's neo-nazi Spotlight that inspired Ron Paul's newsletters): "John Baldwin, told AMERICAN FREE PRESS March 8 that in comparing web traffic, her campaign has been edging out Republican-endorsed candidate"


Michael Williams at summarized her candidacy by saying: “A vote for Nightingale is a vote for stupidity. She is an unemployed uneducated dolt! She ran around with xenophobes and border vigilantes for six years. She can’t run her own finances, and thinks that 9-11 was planned by our government (all online in her own words). She is unstable.

She has been both a Democrat and a Republican, and in March of 2009 she joined the Constitution Party. She was their 2010 gubernatorial candidate, and raised less than $25,000. 
Her campaign website lists no college education. She brags about “setting a record” in referring to the 1.7% of the vote she received in the general election.

Nightingale, 44, claims to have been an actress until 1998. 

She appeared in the low budget HBO movie “Girl Crazy,” and was an extra on “The Nanny,” “Northern Exposure” and “Days of Our Lives.” Her last job was handing out cheese in a supermarket, and her resume also includes:

2006, campaign manager for the Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate.

2007, she was the managing director of the anti-immigration organization Save Our State (SOS), which was described as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. While practically everyone is opposed to illegal immigration, Nightingale’s group worked with vigilantes.

Nightingale was too extreme for even the Minuteman Project. Their founder, Jim Gilchrist, says her “associate, Robert Crooks, produced and distributed a video portraying the shooting of illegal aliens to death, and covertly burying their bullet–ridden bodies in the Campo, Ca. desert. . . Shawna Forde was one of her associates and allies.” Forde is now awaiting trial for the murder of a 9 year old migrant worker girl and her father.

2007, Under her leadership, SOS membership declined 90% and the group went out of business. Davi R
odrigues worked for Nightingale and says: “It soon became apparent it was all about Chelene instead of our agenda. I was there since the beginning and became one of the administrators, but I’m a stickler for legalities. . .
"I have zero respect for Nightingale. . . She is a manipulative lying drama queen. As far as I’m concerned, she should be tarred, feathered, and run out of the conservative movement as a poser.”

2008, she met with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and endorsed his presidential campaign. One of the major reasons she sited for opposing John McCain was because of his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations.
2009, files for personal bankruptcy and loses her home to foreclosure. She was asking the federal government for protection from her state debts, while also claiming as a candidate that she would stand up to the government on issues such as water rights and immigration. 
2010, is nominated for governor and receives endorsements from former Reps. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) and Virgil Goode (R-VA).

What Else Does She Believe?

Nightingale says she was motivated to seek office in part because we have “a serving president without a birth certificate.” In her video interview with, she expresses concerns about the New World Order, the Bilderbergs, and the Rockefeller brothers.
She previously spoke of conspiracy theories concerning the Council on Foreign Relations. She says her political beliefs changed on
9/11, which she describes as an “inside job”:

"But along came the tragic day on 9/11. Like millions around the world, I watched the news in horror, yet something did not seem truthful. I am no rocket scientist or engineer, but the way the buildings collapsed did not seem right. And how did everyone escape the Pentagon? Why did that scene look not so tragic? I could not put the pieces together, but questions were raised and it forced me to pay some attention to politics. . .

"I wondered how those planes barreled into those buildings that were supposed to have been built for such catastrophes; and watch them all collapse at different times, different ways, different methods. So when you have professionals in their fields coming out and saying ‘well this just doesn’t add up’, and you think back to the day when you were watching the news yourself and you have questions."

She believes there are government airplanes dispersing chemicals to poison us, which she calls chemtrails. She discusses this in her video interview and says “very blue” sky and cloud vapor
“chemtrails” may be stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering.

At SOS she organized a march to the Federal Building in Westwood in opposition to the fictitious North American Union (NAU) which she claims is the pending merger of Mexico, Canada and the United States. An NAU has never existed and no official of the U.S. government has ever advocated it. Nightingale spoke of a new Amero currency and a NAFTA superhighway, neither of which has ever existed.

What's Wrong With This Liberty Movement? 

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The event has drawn an impressive roster of speakers, including NY Times best-selling author and Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Tom Woods. Other speakers include voluntaryist philosopher, Stefan Molyneux – former Arizona Sheriff, Richard Mack – former Congressional candidate,  Adam Kokesh – Gary Franchi, founder of the social network – and 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, RJ Harris. In addition, many current and former candidates from will be speaking and celebrating the launch of the first official book from the same organization, titled: How to Run for Office on a Liberty Platform. 

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Davi Rodrigues said...

Yes, she's a cockroach. And SOS isn't out of business. We took over and were still working to support native born citizens of California and to fight back against illegal immigration. PS Don't loan the cockroach a cent. She's been ordered by the court to pay back several thousand to one of our treasured SOS betheren, and she's not doing it willingly.