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College Internships for Computer Science Students

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Interns and Co-ops

Want to do more than just get coffee and make copies? We're looking for people who are ready to have an immediate impact on the experience of millions of users. This won't be your average internship or co-op...

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Hewlett-Packard Internship Programs 

Hewlett-Packard Internship Programs 

Are you looking for a way to get hands on experience in your area of interest? If so, HP offers a variety of internship programs that will fit the bill. If you are qualified, these programs can offer you hands on practical development that complements your school's program. You'll have the opportunity to work with HP technologies and to be a part of our unique and fun work environment and culture. HP interns are given an appropriate level of challenge, a variety of work (often in project teams), coaching and support to contribute within a dynamic, professional and international work environment. To apply, either interview on campus (check with your placement office or attend your campus career fairs) or apply online via HP's job search tool.

Program Options/Requirements
Work authorization:
You must be a US citizen or national, a US permanent, a student who has been granted asylum, or a refugee (which does not include non-immigrants such as F-1, H-1 or J-1 visa holders).

Completion of your freshman year in college (minimum), strong academic achievement in a technical or business curriculum working toward a BS, BA, MS, MBA, or PhD degree, focusing on one of the following technical or business majors:
-Electrical Engineering
-Computer Science
-Computer Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering
-Industrial Engineering
-Information Technology
-Business Administration.

Summer Internship:
For a summer internship, your assignments will last a minimum of 10-12 weeks. 

Co-op Assignments:
For co-op, your first assignment can last 1-2 semesters per term. Following that, you would work additional semesters according to your academic schedule. You will rotate in and out until graduation. You must be registered with your school's co-op office.

While interning at HP, you will receive the following benefits: Holiday Pay, Health and Welfare Coverage, Paid Relocation (if greater than 50 miles) and Service Credit.


Interns and co-op opportunities

Student employment assignments provide you the opportunity to become familiar with IBM's organization, work style, culture and global reach. Salary is based upon the number of credits completed towards your degree. You must provide verification of credits, in writing, from your school, prior to assignment.
Co-op and internship programs are an important recruiting channel for IBM because they help us identify high-potential prospective employees. Participating students are often considered for repeat internships or a long-term commitment of regular employment. Our philosophy, simply stated, is recruit once, hire twice.
Intern or co-op — what's the difference?
As an intern, you will gain professional work experience with one of the world's most innovative organizations. Typically, most interns work at IBM during summers between academic sessions.
Co-ops are enrolled in a cooperative education program at an accredited four- or five-year college or university, pursuing a bachelor's or advanced degree. You can work any time of the year, including part-time, and can be enrolled in either a technical or non-technical discipline. Most managers prefer co-ops to work a six to seven month period, although there is flexibility within this requirement.
Types of assignments
Each year IBM offers hundreds of internship assignments within our various business units. Refer to the skills matrix to see where you might fit in. Then, spend time talking with our recruiters, hiring managers and new hires when we visit your campus.
Remember you can always see a full list of all of our opportunities at You must apply to this site in order to be considered for any role at IBM, even if you interview with us on campus. Check back often, as we do update our job postings frequently.
In addition to the many technical roles we have available, other unique opportunities with IBM might include the following:

IBM hires both undergraduate and graduate students in our internship and co-op programs. You can be considered for participation if you are a full-time student at any four- or five-year, accredited, U.S. college or university. You are eligible for employment after completing your freshman year; however, most students are undergraduate juniors or first year masters students.
As a candidate under consideration for an internship or co-op assignment, you will need to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, including GPA. You should have relevant work or research experience and be able to demonstrate strong leadership, communication and teaming skills. You will also need to earn a high evaluation during the interview process.
Position availability
The main hiring seasons follow the academic school calendar (Fall, Spring and Summer), but IBM continuously seeks to hire top students interns or co-ops throughout the year.
Return assignments
You will be eligible for a return IBM assignment if your job and school performance are satisfactory and a business need exists. Information on the procedure for return assignments will be provided to you by your manager or staffing representative prior to your exit interview.
Intern and Co-op Benefits



It's been said that one never stops learning. Truer words have never been spoken, especially if you have an internship at Intel. Internships give you an opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on experience that lets you put your education to work. And no one understands the value of education more than Intel—our 3 to 12 month programs are designed to fit into your school schedule. Not the other way around.
Internship opportunities include business, engineering, and science programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. No matter which internship you choose, you'll be an important part of a global, multidisciplinary team that's working on critical, world-altering technology—technology that's changing the way people live, work, and play.
We encourage students of all ages to select an option below to learn more about internships at Intel.

Bachelor's, Master's, PhD Internships >

Take your learning and skills to the next level...

Finance Internships >

Demonstrate your analytical and problem solving abilities...

Intel's Early Internship for Software Engineering >

First or Second year software hobbyists wanted...




You don’t want to waste your summer making a widget that will never see the light of day. At Microsoft your projects matter and your team will be counting on your skills and insights. You’ll elevate your talent working alongside some of the best minds in the industry (your fellow interns included).
Select one of the categories below
The Real Deal













Product Development Internships

Are you a computer science major in college in the United States? Do you want to get a foot in the door and perhaps even get the chance to interview early for one of the best technology development jobs in the world? If so, you may be an ideal candidate for our summer internship program. If you're a top student, send us your resume today!


How to Increase Your Chances of Acceptance
We receive large quantities of internship resumes each year. To enhance consideration of your resume, please follow these instructions: send your resume through the link provided above on this page or email your resume to Attach your resume as text or Word, or paste content directly into email. (Please do not send your internship resume through other resume links on the recruiting Web site provided for full-time job applicants.)
We currently only review applications from candidates with computer science or related majors attending college in the United States. Candidates meeting such qualifications may be considered, regardless of citizenship. To be considered for summer opportunities, please submit your resume as early as possible and no later than January 1 of the respective year. We can't wait to see your application!


Through an internship, you will experience the thrill of what it would be like to work at Oracle full-time. Your colleagues will be full-time Oracle employees, including industry experts, award-winning developers, and veterans who have worked here for years. Your contributions will enhance real Oracle products and services. Who knows—you may invent entirely new features or even a new product... You will end the summer connected to a powerful network of developers, managers, and executives. You will walk onward with an invaluable education—and perhaps even an offer for a full-time job at Oracle.
Check out our unique internship perks offered over the years:
  • Excellent Compensation
  • 100% Pay for housing (fully furnished corporate apartments)
  • Pay for car/bike rentals
  • Pay for round-trip travel expenses from school
  • Helicopter ride under the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Networking with brilliant people from other schools
So why not join other outstanding interns to experience the thrill of developing cutting-edge software?

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