Sunday, March 11, 2012

SNL Skewers GOP Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin

recap a favorite was a Weekend Update segment in which Andy Samberg stepped into the role of Sarah Palin to critique the just-aired HBO movie about the former Alaska governor titled "Game Change

World's Worst Sarah Palin - Andy Samberg plays up how bad he can do Palin compared to Tina Fey. He doesn't actually touch on any issues (Palin supports Newt like me, which makes me still a fan of hers).

Rush Limbaugh Insults Sponsors

Did they actually set up an EIB studio or green screen it? A lot of bad word insult and bad sponsor jokes. I heard rush over the weekend point out that the Fluke woman was trotted out in front of a fake hearing as a diversion when they didn't let her at the real hearing which was complaining about Christians being forced to provide abortion services, which is the reverse of the usual liberal argument that people of faith force their values on godless abortion proponents. Fluke also favors laws which require everybody to support sex change operations, her version of wholesome family values.

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