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Forget KONY 2012, Help Pilgrim Africa

At my church we first heard about Mr. Kony and his rebels from people from the Pilgrim Africa group. They are a christian organization which helps the children of Africa who survived being kidnapped by these rebel troops. They run a the Beacon of Hope secondary school in Soroti, Uganda and help with villagers down there.

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This powerful video, produced and donated to Pilgrim by Tricia Manning-Smith and her husband Paul, won 2 top awards from the prestigious National Telly Awards.  These Awards honor outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions and online film and videos. National Telly Awards logo
Rose Lamon was abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) when she was just 11 years old. The LRA captured young children, forcing them to kill for the Army, drugging and brutalizing them while conducting a reign of terror in the Northeastern Uganda countryside. Although the LRA is no longer a threat in NE Uganda, the crippling effects of their presence remain. Rose escaped from the LRA, but is still haunted by her memories.
She is now a student at the Beacon of Hope College, a rehabilitative secondary school operated by Pilgrim Africa. As part of her recovery, Rose participates with other former child soldiers, orphans, and refugees in a music, dance, and drama program.

Their statement:

Our Mission

To restore hope, dignity and love to the needy, that God may be glorified.

Vision and Objectives of Pilgrim

Baby being treated in Beacon Medical CentreOur vision is to restore hope, dignity and love to those in need and devastated by war, poverty or disaster. Pilgrim provides spiritual, material, social and economic support through integrated multi-sectored interventions, demonstrating the hope and love found in Christ Jesus that generates wholeness, creativity and dignity.
Our vision is for people to take steps to "move their doorsteps" into the vicinity of needy neighbors. Christians have a real obligation to leap to the aid of the poor. We encourage people of compassion and good will to extend themselves to those in need.
Our vision is to encourage and enhance Christian charity and work in needy and hopeless regions,thus bringing more abundant life. We seek to promote individual friendships and cultural exchange between Americans and Africans through a variety of programs and tools, including micro-charitable investments into programs such as schools, farms, hospitals and education campaigns and to promote spiritual unity through these relationships.

Core Values

Christian Pilgrims:A Biblical worldview: We believe that since we are created in God's image, all people have value and are due respect, and all have potential to live prosperous and harmonious lives. We are responsible for one another; especially the disadvantaged God has placed within our reach. We choose a lifestyle of simplicity to be able to be more available to lay down our lives for our fellow pilgrims, and to be better able to share His offer of new life through faith in Him. We believe in the holiness and application of the whole biblical teaching to the lives of individuals, families and our communities.
Integrity in Stewardship:
As Christians we strongly believe we are stewards of God's creation and resources, putting them to use with thrift and honesty and being faithful in accountability, being open and factual in our dealings with donors, project communities, and governments. We care for the earth, acting in ways that will restore and protect the environment and promote conservation.
Professionals working together as a team, skilled in different areas by God's grace, choice and provision; stirring and nurturing the gifts and talents in those that we work with; and balancing faith, knowledge and skills in delivering service with excellence. We demand of ourselves high standards of professional competence and financial accountability.
Holistic Approach:
We believe that the human being is whole with social, economic, physical and spiritual needs that are interconnected and related. Meeting one aspect of these needs without the others does not improve the overall condition of humanity. We believe in coordinated initiatives to meet all the needs of a given community or person in order to realize the overall effective improvement in the lives of the target beneficiaries.

Pilgrim: Daring to be a beacon and a voice of hope.

Pilgrim seeks to restore hope and dignity to the needy in Africa, providing material and spiritual aid to empower the lives, dreams, hopes and talents of the people we serve so that God may be glorified.

Quick Facts

Pilgrim was registered as a 501c(3) in December 2004. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington which supports offices in Kampala and Soroti Uganda, Lusaka Zambia, Harare, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Pilgrim also supports approximately 100 permant full-time employees and has approximately 200 volunteers.
Pilgrim's work reaches more than 500,000 households through a broad spectrum of community programs in north and eastern Uganda.
Pilgrim's annual budget for 2008 was $1.3 million in direct funding and $10.3 million from gifts in kind.


Pilgrim was founded as an indigenous Christian response to the plight of more than 1.5 million refugees living in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in the war torn regions of Northern Uganda. From its inception as a small organization providing simple relief and psycho-social support to the desperate refugees, Pilgrim has grown to be an international organization with aid and development interventions in Relief, Medicine/Public Health, Trauma counseling, Education, and Agricultural training/resettlement. Our long-term goal is to help African people move from extreme poverty to sustainable productivity.
Pilgrim has become a force for development in NE Uganda with major projects in education, public health, agriculture and relief. Together with Uganda's Ministry of Health, Pilgrim this past year pioneered a successful campaign against malaria, Move on Malaria, benefiting several hundred thousand people. The Seattle office of Pilgrim provides support for the 100 employees of Pilgrim's Uganda staff, headquartered in Kampala.
Beginning this year, the Agathos Foundation has entrusted Pilgrim to run its operations. With Agathos' focus on orphan care in sub-Saharan Africa plus major efforts in distributing food and medical relief elsewhere in Africa, this merger of operations will allow Pilgrim to serve peoples in South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and the Sudan, as well as Uganda.

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