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WhatzNew Iran Testing Nukes in NKorea?

North Korea testing nuclear explosions for Iran?
The Diplomat:
Iran may already be exploding nuclear devices, they're just doing it in North Korea. No wonder the usual Iranapologists like Wayne Madsen and Russia Today were spinning conspiracy theories that the South Korean Corvette was attacked by Israel and the United States, not North Korea.

...North Korea may have secretly detonated two nuclear devices made with highly enriched uranium in 2010, with one or both of the test blasts possibly being undertaken on behalf of Iran, according to a report highlighted in a daily security briefing I received from Congressional Quarterly.
this isn’t the first time North Korea and Iran have been linked over their weapons ambitions.
Last year, a U.N. report suggested North Korea and Iran seemed to have been regularly exchanging ballistic missile technology in violation of U.N. sanctions.

“Prohibited ballistic missile-related items are suspected to have been transferred between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran on regular scheduled flights of Air Koryo and Iran Air,” the report said.

Photos of Fukusima Then and Now

Race Nationalists Say 10-Percent Is No Substitute for Legalizing College Race Quotas
Texas relies on racial segregation for a "top 10 percent rule" to increase minorities in its selective colleges. But critics seem to prefer unconstitutional race quotas instead. My take is if you want quotas, repeal the Civil Rights Act prohibition on race discrimination, and pass laws that say exactly which races and groups the government will favor and why. I dare them.

Here is the spoiler, see article for analysis: 
Current Market Cap
(numbers in billions)
ApplePersonal computers$497
ExxonMobilMajor integrated oil and gas$410
MicrosoftApplication software$267
IBM (NYSE: IBM  )Diversified computer systems$233
Wal-MartDiscount, variety stores$204
General Electric (NYSE: GE  )Diversified machinery$200
AT&TTelecom services$184
CiscoNetworking and communications$106
Altria (NYSE: MO  )Cigarettes$62
General MotorsAuto manufacture$41
List of companies from S&P Capital IQ. Industry and market cap info from Yahoo! Finance.

Ian Goddard Shows Fukushima Daichi Reactor 3 Leakage Hotspots vs Film

He says #3 well cap probably fractured and amazingly lined up leaks with i/r hotspots on video. He posts on conspiracy oriented Lew Rockwell but has some other interesting theories as well such as that it was a steam explosion at #3. #3 was leaking cesium and iodine like crazy with the steam plume and massive damage which blew out not only walls but concrete columns, and is probably the source of the uranium and plutonium fuel pellets which reportedly landed all over the place for miles.

Retiring America's First Nuclear Carrier Big E = Enterprise
[Funny now the Air Force has stuff older than most Navy ships - B-52, KC-135 and U-2]
"To serve on this ship, certainly in this capacity, you certainly have to be a student of the ship's history," said Rear Adm. Walter Carter, commander of the Enterprise strike group. "Fifty years of service, in our nation's history, we've never had a warship in service that long."
The Enterprise is the longest aircraft carrier in the U.S. fleet. It is also the oldest, a distinction that brings pride as well as plenty of headaches for the ship's more than 4,000 crew members. The ship is effectively a small city that frequently needs repairs because of its age. It was originally designed to last 25 years, but a major overhaul in 1979 and other improvements have extended its life.
"It's kind of like when you get older and you know it's harder to get out of the bed in the morning. It takes you a couple hours to kind of really get up and then you're fine. Well, it's the same sort of thing here with Enterprise," ..
all aircraft carriers have problems they're supposed to anticipate, but he said the Enterprise is more likely to have "unknown unknowns" than newer ships.

Now (perhaps not so amazingly) from the same folks that are trying to tell you that Israel is our enemy and Iran is our friend, and that George Bush and the Mossad Did 9/11 is a "false flag" (red flag for apologists for terrorists that want you to believe the opposite of what is obviously true) theory about the USS Enterprise by Mike Rivero (of and posted by his good friends at Alex Jones's Infowars.

False Flag Operation Coming against USS Enterprise?


The USS Enterprise is scheduled to be in the Gulf in the next few weeks. It is the oldest US naval ship that is currently active (other than the original 215 year old USS Constitution), also it is a nuclear-powered ship. It is supposed to be decommissioned next year, which means that this is probably the last deployment that this ship will ever see. It will be then headed for the junk yard.

Speculation is growing [from the usual anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists] that this would be a perfect ship on which to launch a false flag attack.

The U.S. has clearly been trying to push Iran into a corner by attempting to stop the purchase by anyone of Iranian oil.  [Now what nation that promotes 9-11 conspiracy theories and anti-semitism might be behind a massive internet campaign that Iran is being mistreated?? I can't imagine what nation that might be....]  Europe has gone along with this, China has not. [Hmmm, Europe is bad guy, China good guy...]

Infowars writes:
If a conflict is to ignite in the Persian Gulf in 2012, it is highly likely that the US or Israel will use the false flag option. Two reasons support this. Firstly, Iran lacks a motive to want to engage in a suicidal first strike against the axis powers – a move which would no doubt cost them thousands of innocent lives and billions in infrastructure. Frankly, it’s safe to say that it’s not at all in the Iranian national interest to start such a conflict. History does show however, that the US and Israel can – and will, employ the technique of the false flag attack, where they would engineer an incident and then blame it on the Iranians. By all accounts, this is also how the US was able to fake their way into the costly and bloody Vietnam War, via the infamous Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

Recent weeks have seen a massive build-up of naval assets in the Persian Gulf by both the US and the British. The irony of surface naval power in the 21st century is that it is only good for one thing, and that is the ‘projection of force’. In fact, Naval Power ceased to be a major factor geopolitical power-play since the dawn of the 20th century, when it was usurped by Air Power.

As Great Britain learned in the Falklands War back in 1982, even a single French Exocet missile can sink a battleship, or aircraft carrier. Iran has more than this capability, so for all practical purposes, any American ships in the region are nothing more than bait – large, slow sitting targets. Which begs the obvious question: why would the US be sending its soon-to-be decommissioned, rusty chess piece – the 50 year old nuclear-powered USS Enterprise carrier into the line of fire in the Persian Gulf? A very large and expendable, floating museum, and one which, interestingly enough with its six on board nuclear reactors… would probably cost a fortune to dispose of.

Infowars also published the below video.

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