Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Windows 8 Snap Mode With Mouse and Touch

Instead of the usual Windows resizing and moving in the complicated Xerox Parc style of windows, Snap Mode is a simplified in-between the old Windows CE and iOS.

In the mobile world, the simplification for tiny screens is that you get only one window at a time. Snap mode lets you do two windows (as opposed to a whole mess of them) at a time, with one big one and one small one.

Now it's hard to track down exactly HOWyou do snap mode with touch, and even harder to see how to do it with a mouse so here are the directions:


You swipe from the top edge of the screen to the left edge. From there you get a vertical bar with 3 dots on it.

Swipe left to hide (it doesn't really close) completely.

Swipe right to make it bigger (with list of other windows) or farther right to get back to full screen.


Pretty much the same idea - move the mouse to the top edge. Pointer turns into a hand. Press left button and move down (it shrinks) and towards the left edge

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