Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vietnam Army Aviation An Khe Airfield 1960s

An Khe Army Airfield (Vietnam 1960′s)
Some of the late 1960's Viet Nam aviation and music.

Watch for:

  • CH-47 Chinook (still built today)
  • UH-1B Huey
  • C-7 Caribou
  • C-130 Hercules (still built today)
  • Mutt Jeep
  • O-1 Bird Dog (replaced by USAF O-2 Skymaster, OV-10)
  • OH-6 Cayuse "Loach"
  • Marsden Matt Steel airfield
  • c-123 provider (looks like 2-engine C-130)
  • AH-1 Cobra
  • ch-47
  • loading rocket on UH-1 gunship
  • CH-54 skycrane with hospital pod
  • CH-54 skycrane with howitzer
  • (now used to haul lumber and firefight tanker
  • super snoopII
  • ov1 mohawk
  • C-7 Caribou STOL transport
  • AH-1 firing (still built today for USMC)
  • OH-6 low flying
  • Huey over water
  • Huey with searchlights
  • CH-47 line
  • truck driving out of CH_47
  • OH-13 sioux Bell 47 MASH helicopter
  • overlying brown water river monitors

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