Thursday, November 17, 2011

At the Bookstore Jet Age, There I Fixed It

Went to Third Place books to get Tales of Two Cities for my high school boy (actually got the wrong book on my first trip, NOT two gentlemen from Verona, $3 used)

They have  glass case with a $250 autographed Garfield book and other ancient classics over $100.

This book gives a great rundown on the race between Britain's first jetliner, the Comet which had a nasty habit of blowing up for no reason in midair, and Boeing's later 707 which became the template for every modern airliner and revolutionized air travel, also details on the real Pan Am 

There is some spectacular stuff in here, a roof held up by a jenga stack of shipping pallets, a shower curtain made of bubble wrap and costco toilet paper wrap taped together, a Jeep cherokee fixed with a ford explorer nose, etc. 

This looks like a cool way to get expelled, but it might work in some offices. 

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