Saturday, November 05, 2011

Washington State Snohomish County Northshore Schools District Election Guide November 8, 2011

Disclosure, I'm Arthur Hu, American-born Asian, and usually for vote for Republican or Libertarian / free market when possible.

Initiative 1125
Stops tolls on 520 after bridge is paid for, stops variable tolling, restricts how money raised can be spent

for - republicans
anyone who thinks Tim Eyman is a hero

against - democrats
anybody that hates Tim Eyman
anybody that trusts state highway agency to tax and spend money wisely.

Initiative 1163
restricts who can be long term care workers

- unions
- people who want to restrict entry into long term care

- free market
- people opposed to require taking training course run by unions
- people who do not want to artificially raise barriers to entry and labor cost

Initiative 1183
Allow Costco and other large retailers to sell liquor, shuts down state liquor stores

- people against easy to purchase liquor
- people against cheaper liquor
- people who think law is written to benefit Costco
- people afraid of effects of too many drunk people

- costco and supermarkets
- some republicans
- people who want to be able to buy alchohol cheaper and more convenient location

Senate Joint Resolution 8205
repeals silly law saying you have to live in state  for 1 year or something before you can vote for president, struck down by supreme court anyways

for - why the heck not, it's a dumb law anyways

against- who knows

X Dawn McCravey
for - parents and students
parents who don't like fuzzy math
democrats who don't like fuzzy math
Wonderful lady who was the most receptive on the board to revising awful fuzzy math programs which were making sure NOBODY mastered mathematics rather than teaching the same rigorous math that put men on the moon and built up IBM and Microsoft. She's president of the board now. She shows up a school events and everybody loves her dearly, some democrats are her strongest supporters.

BZ Sundstrom  Davis
for - teachers, employee unions who say nasty things about the one of the nicest parents I've ever met. Nobody seems to dearly love her, though union and some democrats have given her support.

Fire District 7 Commissioner Pos 3

x Shauna Willner - favored by fire unions
Don Andrew

Pos 4
x Randy Fay - ran helicopter rescue outfit, favored by unions
Gunther Hausmann - critical of unions in flyer

I don't like incumbents Andrew and Huasmann who spent a bunch of money to early-retire / fire a perfectly good fire chief. Woodinville also spent a chunk of money to fire a perfectly good fire chief and replace him with a new Chief from Renton that everybody disliked so much he was forced to quit after 2 years, those commissioners should be fired as well.

Alderwood Water & Wastewater

x Michael (Mike) Dixon
I like Dixon because he's an overachieving African American with 2 MIT degrees (like me) and Army veteran who has run a  big business unit, and called him and verified he is a cool guy, he's blogged on TownHall and written some terrific stuff, as nice a conservative as anybody is likely to meet, if you're republican, that's what he is, if you're not, he's still a cool guy who is super competent.
Laren (Larey) McLaren

Larry D. Jones - Seems like the competent incumbent, nothing wrong with that

Brian Travis - he's in Hotel management, I looked up his previous run for office, and he prefers Republican, so if you want to encourage more Republicans to run and participate in government, give this guy your vote.

to be continued

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