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China Hit by Largest 2 Semi Truck Bomb in History

Whether was an accident or deliberately designed, this must be the largest truck bomb explosion in history, somehow killing just 8 people but flattening an area the size of a stadium and leaving a massive crater in the city of Fuquan in Guizhou, a province in the southwestern part of China which brags that it contains the most minority groups. 

Now vehicle bombs range in size from scooters up to cars (an allah akbar BMW just took out our state of the art armored buses in afghanistan) vans (1 ton WTC) 24 ft moving truck (2 tons Oklahoma City) big truck (6 tons Beirut) but who can imagine not one, but two fully loaded semi-trailers full of a combined load of 72 tons of TNT?

A web search shows zero coverage in the US mainstream press, just China, India and Australia and the US papers they hand out in Chinatown. Not even the usual couterjihad sites have noted this chilling development.

How can you blow not just one, but two 36 ton loads of  TNT and it's just a routine accident??? That's like 2 B-52D (40,000 lb payload) strikes worth of boom in one parking spot. Somebody has to investigate any possible ties to terrorism, that's what we have the CIA for even if no Americans were hurt. I only found out about this looking at pictures on a Chinese newspaper at the Mongolian Hot Pot in Bellevue and wondering man it looks like a bomb hit this place. So searching for "china" and "explosion" I found out the story which I never saw in the US press.

The USA has been the target of numerous giant truck bombs, all of which are either proven or suspected by theorists of being connected to Al Queda, but none this big.

Really Big Truck Bombs
6 tons 1983 Beirut barracks, heavy truck driven into the center of a building, Islamic Jihad killed 299
2.5 ton 1995 Oklahoma City bomb / killed 168 / 24 ft Ford F-700 school bus size truck ANFO ammonium nitrate/ fuel oil

1/2 ton  1993 World Trade Center (killed less than a dozen but nearly destroyed both towers) was hit by a truck the size of a Ryder full-size one ton payload Ford E-series van. urea nitrate fertilizer.

OKC was officially blamed on a couple of lone angry white guys, but the government chose not investigate obvious links to Ramzi Yousef in the Phillipines who was the architect of the WTC bomb and liquid bombs to blow up 747s, and one of the only people on the planet capable of engineering such sophisticated bombs.

Nearly all of the big vehicle bombs we've heard about have been constructed in the name of radical Islamism, except for the Oslo bomber whose modus operandi was identical to Al Queda in every detail except that his alleged beef was a mirror image of Muslim hatred of Christians. Is it any wonder Chinese on the internet asked who was in charge of the trucks, the Taliban?

The official spin seems to be this is just another industrial accident, but 72 tons of dynamite in 2 trucks? Who in the blazes is transporting that much dynamite in one place? As a commenter notes, although the story says while the trucks were stopping off for some kind of service (Who in the heck is going to service 2 trucks with 72 tons of TNT still onboard???) the tires started burning. Tires don't just start burning, and when they do, TNT just burns if it's not set off by a violent explosion with a blasting cap, which is what I learned in researching Air India 182. In that case, Vancouver BC areas Sikh auto mechanic worked out the first successful aerial 747 bomb with some dynamite, blasting caps, a battery, relays and a auto clock he got from Radio Shack, all in a Sanyo stereo which the Mounties found he had carefully saved all the receipts for since they matched parts recovered from a bomb in Japan.

Chinahush found these comments from the net:

While the cause of the explosion is still up for further investigation, netizens are having doubts beyond the explosion itself, such as:
“Can 72 tons of hazardous dynamite just be delivered by random trucks without armed police escort?”
“Where does this dynamite come from, who authorize the delivery and what for"
“Is the dynamite knockoff? Otherwise such a huge amount of it should have blew a total 1 km round flat.”
“Is the number of casualty for real? 70 some tons? 8 killed? How about the repairmen and people within 10 m, they were blew into ashes.”
“How did the truck tires catch a fire? Can fire ignite the dynamite without detonator?”
“Isn’t 72 tons overloading for the trucks?” (I looked up the maximum capacity of shipping containers, and it's about 60,000 lbs, 30 tons each so 36 tons would be an overload )
“Who’s responsible for this tragedy? The drivers? The repairmen? Or the Taliban?”


Nothing, Nada from US Press
These search results show nothing from the US media, and this post is the #4 hit on google now!

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