Monday, November 28, 2011

Internet beats car keys for youth

From BBC:

Car use began falling in 2007, when average petrol prices almost doubled to $4.12 a gallon, and the economy started its slide into recession.
But there are signs it is back on an upward trajectory and America remains a country dominated by the automobile.
Graph showing car use in the US
It has a higher number of cars per head of population than any other country in the world, apart from the tiny principality of Monaco.
"Vehicles will always be a popular mode of transportation in America. You have to take into consideration some places don't have access to mass transit. Cars are the only way some people can get around," says Kristin Nevels.
This makes driving an imperative in some rural states, where roughly twice as many teenagers are on the road than in major metropolitan areas.

Driving means freedom, for many teenagers
Nevertheless, Wally Neil's father Dan, a motoring writer for the Wall Street Journal, is convinced that "American youth have fallen out of love with automobiles" because of the rising cost of motoring and the fact that they are "living their lives online".

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