Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Herman Cain Stumbles on Libya But Right Answer


Glenn Beck's Blaze even joins the "let's laugh at Cain" bandwagon as he appears to stumble badly on the question of Libya policy, but the bottom line it was much better than simply calling for the US to take out Gadaffi who was buddies with his pals, Rev Wright and Nationa of Islam in favor of the rebels who are basically the same people who were fighting the Soviets AND Americans in Afghanistan and cheering 9/11.

The Herman Cain campaign seems to be in crisis mode as Cain’ s wife has emerged from silence to support the candidate against infectious sexual harassment allegations to new polls showing a surge in support for Newt Gingrich, taking the short-lived role Cain had as the chief opponent to the GOP presidential primary frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Cain has appeared to suffer another blow today, as the candidate has been heavily criticized in the media for an odd video interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that shows Cain stumbling while answering a question about President Obama’s handling of Libya:

What is really creepy are all the "Ron Paul" supporters in the comments, when Ron Paul's inexplicable support for Jihad as apologiest for Al Queda and Hamas and cheerleader for pulling the plug on Israel can only mean he is ALSO bought and paid for by the same forces driving the "Arab Spring" which is part of the War Against America and Israel.

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