Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bothell Jan 17 Before Great Seattle Snow 2012

Update 1/18 - South Sound has 13" and Bothell got .... 1" What a bust. University of Washington and Seattle University are closed. Missed Thalia Symphony rehearsal in a Seattle school last night. Tested out FWD 1991 Honda accord with 20% tread left in neighborhood with 3" of snow - it can drive on level roads just fine but tire spin a lot. 2004 MPV with studs drives fine, but some wheel spin. It barely clawed its way up the hill to the Kingsgate P-R in Kirkland when multiple cars couldn't make it up ice on monday. 2001 Subaru Legacy wagon with new all-weather tires with fairly wide tread drives like a champ, very little wheel spin with all-wheel drive

Marilyn Monroe in Bothell

Bellevue at Noon

QFC Before Big Storm

Canyon Park Snow


Nearly 4" of snow on trash can

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