Sunday, January 15, 2012

Even Obama Is Better Than Ron Paul

I concur. At least Obama tries to make Israel and the terrorists equally happy. Ron Paul speaks only for one side of the Arab/Muslim  Israeli conflict.

From commentary:

Even Obama is Preferable to Ron Paul

No one who has read what I’ve written about Barack Obama during the last two-and-three-quarter years can come away with anything except the impression that I’m a strong, and at times even a fierce, critic of his. But whatever my disagreements with Obama, even he is preferable to Ron Paul. The first duty of a president, after all, is commander-in-chief. It is in the area of foreign policy and national security that he exercises disproportionate influence. And it is in that arena where Ron Paul is particularly reckless, particularly irresponsible, and (if he were ever to possess any real power and influence) particularly dangerous.
There is plenty of room for differences within conservatism. But Ron Paul’s views, on the substance, are indefensible, at least for a conservative.
Barack Obama is a terrible president. But Ron Paul would be worse.

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