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Stunner / David's Sling anti-terrorist Rocket Interceptor's_Sling
An ABM system except against terrorist rockets
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David's Sling

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David's Sling Missile System
David sling missile.jpg
A model of the interceptor missile used by the David's Sling system
Place of originIsrael
Production history
DesignerRafael Advanced Defense Systems

Propellanttwo-stage missile
radar and an electro-optical
David's Sling (Hebrewקלע דוד‎), also sometimes called Magic Wand (Hebrewשרביט קסמים‎), is an Israel Defense Forces military system being jointly developed by the Israeli defense contractorRafael Advanced Defense Systems and the American defense contractor Raytheon, designed to intercept medium- to long-range rockets and cruise missiles, such as those possessed by Hezbollah, fired at ranges from 40 km to 300 km.[1]
The interceptor is a two-stagemissile, with two targeting and guidance systems installed in its nose-tip (a radar and an electro-optical sensor). In 2006 Rafael was awarded a contract to develop a defense system to counter the threat of medium- to long-range rockets with ranges between 70 km and 250 km. In order to enable Israel to make use of the financial aid provided by the United States to further develop the system and to produce it, a partnership was established with Raytheon which will be developing missile firing unit and overall logistic system and assist Rafael with developing interceptor. In some of Raytheon's publications, the interceptor is referred to as "Stunner." The first live fire test of the missile was scheduled for 2010.
The increasing danger of rocket and missile fire against Israel (Qassam rocket fire from Gaza,Katyusha rocket fire from southern Lebanon, and Iran's ballistic missile arsenal) has led to the development of defense systems to counter this threat. In addition to the David's Sling system, which is designed to intercept medium- and long-range rockets, the Iron Dome system, with which it will be used in conjunction, has also been developed in order to intercept short-range rockets (4–70 km), while the Arrow missile, designed to intercept ballistic missiles, is already in use.
According to Lt. Gen. Henry Obering, former director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, "We wanted a truly co-managed program because the United States will be very interested in this for our own purposes".[1]
On 17th November 2010, in an interview Rafael's Vice President Mr. Lova Drori confirmed that the David's Sling system has been offered to the Indian Armed Forces.[2]

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