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Newt Owns, Paul Booed S Carolina GOP Debate

Highlights of the Fox News South Carolina GOP Presidential Debate

by Republican Security Council on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 8:31pm
The candidates were asked what the maximum tax rate should be: Perry: 20%. Santorum: 28%. Romney: 25%. Gingrich: 15%. Paul: 0%. 
  • Newt Gingrich 
  • We created real jobs, 16 million under Reagan, 11 million under Clinton. "Whoever stands up to Obama has to have a good record on jobs."
  • Obama is "the best food stamp president in history."  
  • "Andrew Jackson had a pretty good idea about America's enemies: Kill them." 
  • "I am reasonably confident I can find ways to balance the budget without hurting young people."  
  • Gingrich won over the debate audience tonight and Piers Morgan said: "Newt's is on fire tonight. Crowd lapping it up."
  • Rick Santorum
  • "Unemployment insurance, just like welfare reform, should go back to the states." 
  • "I do not support a military mission in Syria, but Assad should be removed."
  • US labor costs are 20% higher because of regulations. 
  • Santorum said he supports trigger locks and background checks for guns purchased at gun shows.  "I've got a lifetime A+ record with the NRA."
  • Mitt Romney
  • "We shouldn't negotiate with the Taliban, we should defeat the Taliban." We should not tell the enemy when we are withdrawing. Biden is wrong about negotiating with Taliban. Don't negotiate with people who are killing US soldiers.
  • "'The bullet in the head was the right thing" for Osama bin Laden. 
  • Those who come here illegally should not be given a route to citizenship.  
  • I've got nothing to hide in my taxes. If I'm the nominee, I'll show them. Traditionally that's done in April.  
  • "I'm not the great hunter" but I enjoy it. We should not add new legislation on gun ownership. Romney To Perry: "My Guess Is You’re A Serious Hunter." 
  • Asked to weigh in on the Gingrich-Santorum spat, points to his right, smiles and says: "Rick is right." 
  • Ron Paul False Flag Actually Taliban Party
  • The Osama bin Laden raid disrespected international law. 
  • Drug laws are racist. Martin Luther King would agree with me. 
  • "Rich white people don't get the death penalty very often" 
  • The Washington Post: "Like me, the debate audience had no idea what Ron Paul was talking about in that answer. Not sure what Paul is saying, but the response will be thunderous applause." 
  • Republican Security Council shared a link . 
    Ron Paul gets smoked by Newt Gingrich. Blacks because of drugs go to jail more often. White rich guys don't go to jail much. There's discrimination. Martin L...

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  • Rick Perry
  • Obama's foreign policy emboldens the enemies of the United States.
  • "There should be no space between US and Israel ... period." 
  • I think Perry confused Turkey and Syria. He said Turkey is ruled by Islamic terrorists. 
  • Washington Post: "The first half was Perry's best debate, but does it make any difference?" 
Accuracy in Media caught up with various Ron Paul supporters politicking the early primary contests. How accurate is their knowledge of
Radio talk show host Mark Levin says he couldn’t vote for Texas Rep. Ron Paul in the general election even if the Texas congressman were to somehow win the Republican nomination. “I would have

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Newt was interview by Hannity after tonight's debate. They discuss the events of the debate including the standing ovation Newt received.

Watch and 'Share' this video while you wait for the debate highlights! 
Just after tonight's debate, Newt is interviewed by Hannity. They discuss the statement by Frank Luntz that in his 16 years of debates, he had never seen a s...
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