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Junie Hoang: Asian Actress Upset About IMDB Spilling Her Age

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Huong 'Junie' Hoang Revealed As Mystery Actress Suing IMDb for Revealing Her 'True Age and Name'

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​In October, a mysterious Asian-American actress filed a $1 million lawsuit against Amazon for disclosing details about her real name and age on the Internet Movie Database. Court documents once identified her only as Jane Doe, but she outed herself Friday, and it turns out she might been better off suing her agent for the roles she has been getting in {B movies or worse} movies likeGingerbread Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver.
The actress is Junie Hoang, also known by her birth name Huong Hoang.

Hoang is not the Gingerbread Man

"Lesser-known 40-year-old actresses are not in demand in the entertainment business," Dozier writes, adding that Hoang's Vietnamese name is "extremely difficult for Americans to spell and pronounce, and is generally not conducive to obtaining employment in the United States and particularly the entertainment industry."

Hoang claims her career has been irreparably damaged by the age/name flap, but a look ather resume on IMBb suggests she probably wasn't destined for stardom regardless. She appeared in five films last year. In addition to Gingerbread Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver -- the third installment of a Gary Busey trilogy, in which "an evil yet adorable gingerbread man comes to life with the soul of a convicted killer" -- she played bit parts in such gems as 1000 Ways to Die (me: actually pretty compelling redneck guy TV, and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.
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Anonymous Actress Junie Hoang Who Sued Amazon for Revealing Her Age Identifies Herself | Huong Hoang IMDb
Junie Hoang revealed herself Friday as the actress suing Amazon and IMDb for revealing her age. (Image source: IMDb)
SEATTLE (The Blaze/AP) — An actress who filed an anonymous lawsuit against Amazon.com and its Internet Movie Database for revealing her age identified herself in court filings Friday, after initially refusing to do so out of concern that it would negatively impact future work opportunities.
She is Huong Hoang of Texas, perhaps better known by her stage name, Junie Hoang. Her IMDb credits list recent roles as “Sandy” in “Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver“ and as ”Ghetto Girl 3“ in ”Hoodrats 2: Hoodrat Warriors.

Angry Asian Man: 
....I'm going to be honest. After a great deal of speculation over the identity of this actress when news of the lawsuit first broke, upon finding out her name I was kind of like... who? Then again, now her name is all over the trades. Suddenly, Junie Hoang is not-so-anonymous.

While I can see where Hoang is coming from -- it's hard enough being Asian in Hollywood, without factoring in age -- but I still fail to see the effectiveness of her lawsuit. I guess we'll see. More here: Lawyer for Unmasked Actress Suing IMDb: 'My Client Is Willing to See This Case to Its Conclusion.'
Texas-based Hoang, whose IMDb page reveals she has worked fairly regularly in recent years on such small-budget movies asGingerbread Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver andHoodrats 2: Hoodrat Warriors, says she was forced to sue when IMDb took personal information gleaned from a credit card she used to sign up for the subcription service IMDb Pro and used it to reveal that she is 40. The suit claims she has been subjected to rampant discrimination in ageist Hollywood.

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