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Brave Chinese American Soldiers Danny Chen Harry Lew Die in Afghanistan - Of Racism

I just caught this in the Seattle Times, "Eight charged in soldier's apparent suicide", 19 year old Army private Danny Chen where they are investigating whether racial harassment led to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Organization of Chinese Americans had a news conference with the mother that doubted it was a suicide. Chen had written from Afghanistan that the men always asked if he was from China and called out Chen like a goat, and he was running out of jokes to reply, and being pelted by rocks. OK, GIs gotta be GIs. Then there is being forced to hold liquid in his mouth while hung upside down. Now that's weird. The Army says "we treat each other with dignity" and rejected allegations of hazing. Yeah, that upside down thing is fine as long as it is done with respect. And they said they need to "investigate" if race was a factor? WTF? How do think this would be treated in the press if it was a gay / black / jewish / female / muslim hazing??

Private Danny Chen
But wait, there's more. In August, 3 Marines have been criminally charged in hazing Lance Corporal Harry Lew of Santa Clara who dropped out of art college and told his immigrant parents he wanted to serve his country. I quickly surfed his name and found a Youtube salute that didn't mention the suicide, and commenters that said that he dishonored the Marines by killing himself and endangered his comrades by sleeping on his watch. Of course, being ANOTHER Asian who killed himself after a severe hazing has to be a complete coincidence.
Oh yeah, and that Nidal Hasan guy, they still haven't the slightest idea of what could motivate a guy to object to fighting Muslims, give away Korans, don Muslim dress at the 7-11, converse with Bin Laden's biggest American citizen agent, and shoot people while screaming Allah Ackbar, even after Obama ordered the killing of 9-11 Imam Anwar al-Awlaki who personally approved the operation as Islamically correct. Yup, no terrorism or hazing on our bases, we won't stand for it, not on our watch. No wonder FUBAR is a military term.
Yeah, I'm usually the guy who pretends there is no such thing as racists or racism, but SOMETIMES PEOPLE DO KILL YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE CHINESE. They did it 100 years ago, and they're doing it again in the military as if hating the enemy wasn't good enough they have to take it out on their fellow Americans. Sad.
I'll post updates on this article as I surf up more details.


Brave Asians Die in Afghanistan – by Suicide after abuse
Chen had written from Afghanistan that the men always asked if he was fromChina and called out Chen like a goat, and he was running out of jokes to reply, and being pelted by rocks. OK, GIs gotta be GIs. Then there is being forced to hold liquid in 
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