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Ron Paul: Who is a "True Patriot"?

"True Patriot": Wrapping yourself in the False Flag?

Is "True Patriot"  something being used to infiltrate something more sinister by Ron Paul  fans? 

David Duke
Amy says:
May 9, 2010 at 4:47 am
What we need is a government that is sensitive to the needs of the American people. We need congressmen and senators to whom America is first, second and third—and who can stand up to the tyrant Israel that is bleeding America and we need real Americans as high-ranking military officers instead of Zionist Jews and Israelis.
There is no Tyranny for Muslims. Legendary Dr David Duke [David] who is a true patriot for America and a sane voice for the white race. David Duke has been censored too long. What crime has he committed, may I ask?
  1. Please read books by Eustace Mullins, G. Edward Griffin, Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley, Alan Hart, Norman Finkelstein, Jeff Gates, Michael Piper Collins, Texe Marrs, Grant Smith, Benjamin freedman, Patrick Buchanan, Dr Ron Paul, David Duke, Clay Douglas, Judge Andrew Napolitano, James Scott, Michael Scheuer.

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura .net
"A true patriot is someone who is willing to sacrifice everything for the freedoms we share today. Jesse Ventura is one of those patriots." 42: Name not displayed ...

True Patriot' would restore rights - Federal Observer Articles ...
Dec 11, 2011 – Ron Paul introduced the Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act

On Sept. 24, Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul introduced the Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act (HR3171) [see resolution in it’s entirety, below] to repeal the most controversial sections of the Patriot Act as well as some of the more egregious actions taken by the Department of Justice.
When introducing the True Patriot Act, Kucinich told members of the House: "Twenty-four months after the Sept. 11th attacks, this nation has undergone a dramatic political change, leading to an unprecedented assault on the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights."
Diverse supporters
The act already has 20 other cosponsors, at this point all Democrats, but as the word gets out concerning key elements of this bill, expect conservatives, moderates and liberals to push for its passage.
The Kucinich-Paul bill has already garnered the support of the American Civil Liberties Union, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), American Muslim Voice, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and Religious Action Center of Reformed Judaism.

True Patriot Act - American Muslim Voice
American Muslim Voice mourns loss of Dr. Edward Said · AMV welcomes introduction of the Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act to Remove Unchecked 

Apparently, Ron Paul has no problem with traitors like Benedict Arnold and Bradley Manning. He even believes these “true patriot[s]” should have “sovereign ..

Texe Marrs 
Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist

Texe Marrs The Zionist Plotters Behind the 9-11 Evil pt 1/6 - YouTube 15, 2009 - 10 min - Uploaded by TheTexeMarrs
Texe Marrs is a true patriot and former Air Force Officer and teacher. BudWiser999 2 years ago 16. The only ...

Steven E. Jones

Steven E. Jones | Facebook (Mormon 9/11 truther)
true patriot does not just believe whatever propaganda the government throws at them as if patriotism should be to the ... Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth ...

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