Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tepid Support for Ron Paul Is the Craziest Thing Ann Coulter Has Ever Said

Mike Riggs at Reason (their editor also appears to be a stealth jihadist who wrote and article for the Beirut Star and pro-Palestine Salon doesn't think Ron Paul is a danger to Israel ) complains when conservatives call Coulter crazy for even considering favoring Imam Ron Paul. Race baiting? The guy adored by white nationalists, anti-semites, nazis, radical islamists and approved racist newsletters???? I used to love Reason, but they appear to be falling to the Jihad-Side which has hijacked the Libertarian movement as well as Ron Paul.


Voicing Tepid Support for Ron Paul Is Apparently the Craziest Thing Ann Coulter Has Ever Said

No, "crazy," according to a corner of the conservative interwebs, is Coulter endorsing Ron Paul over bloated-megalomaniac-turned-bloated-lobbyist-turned-bloated-megalomaniac Newt Gingrich: 
According to the Right Scoop, “This anti-Newt sentiment has caused the crazy to come out even in Ann Coulter, who says that she’d prefer a President Paul over a President Gingrich.” Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit: “What happened? I leave the country for a week, and Ann Coulter loses her mind!” One conservative radio host (and Palin supporter) who saw the clip concluded, “Dingbat hag media whore. youre [sic] over. Youre [sic] voice will no longer be heard.”
What does it say about "conservatives" that they stood by Coulter's side when she was engaged in outrageous race-baiting, but have ditched her for supporting the only small-government candidate running for president? 

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