Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul's ascension: Why are conservative voters supporting a man who will never be president?

Ron Paul's ascension: Why are conservative voters supporting a man who will never be president?



Bachmann, Perry and Santorum will each siphon up their own segment of the fundamentalist/tea party vote, leaving the conservative centrists — who should be voting for Romney — because he is the most electable. But instead, they are letting Romney’s religion distract them and supporting a man who will never be president.
Below are three reasons why:
He’s lost the Fox News primary
A large segment of conservative voters tend to vote for the person getting the most airtime and amplification on Fox News and their coverage of the Paul surge has been uniformly negative. They don’t take him seriously as a candidate, and they can’t predict what he’ll do if he’s elected.
As much as both parties like to pretend that Obama is anti-business, his administration’s handling of the fallout from the 2008 financial meltdown and the complete lack of reform or prosecution of Wall Street since tells you he’s got his own corporate sponsors. People who wouldn’t welcome a return to the gold standard or the abolition of the Federal Reserve and don’t want to take the chance that Paul is serious about enacting these and other tectonic economic reforms.
He can’t shake the newsletters
In 1992 Ron Paul wrote or approved a series of newsletters filled with racist tirades. He has denied writing or publishing them, but his lead is going to shrivel fast once his opponents get this information in front of the voters. Possibly while reminding them that Paul was the only member of congress to vote against awarding the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor to Rosa Parks.
Conservative voters hate President Obama enough to nominate whoever actually has a chance at beating him, and Ron Paul is not a slam dunk. For those of you who think this issue can’t hurt him because you don’t think he’s racist and you take him at his word that he didn’t write the newsletters, I’d like to remind you that President Obama just spent four years talking about whether or not he had faked his own birth certificate.

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