Sunday, December 18, 2011

SEIU Has Jobs To Occupy and Take Over State Buildings and Banks, Peaceful Resistance

Yes you can sit on the sidewalk and get pepper sprayed and get paid for it!

Isn't that what labors unions were created for?


Senior/Lead Internal Organizer, Home Care, posted on the SEIU’s website something that should remove all doubts.

Labor Union Report has this:
If there was ever any question whether the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a radical and militantly Marxist union, this SEIU jobs description for a Senior/Lead Internal Organizer, Home Care, posted on the SEIU’s website should remove all doubts.
The SEIU is advertising on its site for SEIU Healthcare 775NW in Washington State. Among the job duties (screenshot below the fold) listed includes the training of members in civil-disobedience, peaceful resistance (how to get arrested), as well as the occupation and takeover banks and state buildings [emphasis added]:
Leadership Development:
• Leading members and organizers to develop curriculum and lead leadership development trainings
Train and lead members in non-violent civil disobedience, such as occupying state buildings and banks, and peaceful resistance.
• Implement leadership program with the goal of engaging 10% of members in active leadership and majority participation
Member Mobilization:
Execute field plans mobilizing members around political campaigns, annual Leadership Convention, lobby days, regional meetings.
• Execute field plans for special campaigns including contract campaigns, ballot initiatives, COPE contributions, general membership growth and the broader campaign to fight for a fair economy.
Plan and execute strategic direct action field plans including banner drops, bank takeovers, and capitol occupations with membership, other local unions, and coalition partners
Additional Responsibilities:
• Assignments to electoral, legislative and growth new organizing campaigns as required• Other duties as assigned
Since the SEIU has already shown it has no respect for private property, the question that lingers is: Will 2013 be the year when a real attorney general finally begins to look at the entire SEIU structure with RICO in mind?

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