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Russian Propoganda Today For Ron Paul

Be wary of a candidate when the supporters are the enemy, and attackers are good guys
Likewise with Gingrich, be wary of who the attackers are - Ron Paul and Jihad supporters.

People who bless Jews = good guys
People who destroy Jews = bad guys.

“Why is Russian TV Backing Ron Paul?”

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By: Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media
During a time when Ron Paul supporters are complaining, with some justification, about the major media not giving their candidate’s success in Iowa enough attention, the Texas congressman is getting enormously favorable coverage from a foreign propaganda outlet—Russia Today television.
One of Paul’s leading supporters in the media, if the term “media” is broadly defined, is Adam Kokesh, host of a show, “Adam Vs. The Man,” on Moscow’s English-language channel. On Monday, Kokesh usedhis show, which reaches many U.S. cities, to complain about the American media not giving Paul more favorable coverage, attacking the newspaper Politico for ignoring Paul’s second-place finish in a headline over a story about the results.
Kokesh uses disparaging language when referring to other Republicans, such as calling Rick Santorum “a homophobic theocrat” and Rick Perry a “Ken doll.” He regularly attacks the “corporate media” in the U.S. without criticizing the Moscow regime that pays his salary.
Commentators have typically described Paul’s second place finish in the Iowa straw poll as the result of “college kids” supporting him. AIM has noted the major media’s reluctance to credit Paul for his success in presidential primaries.
But the advent of Russia Today (RT) television, which has been accused of serving as a vehicle for Russia’s intelligence services, puts the question of media coverage of the campaign in a new context—one of foreign interference in U.S. politics. The channel is carried in the Washington, D.C. media market by MHz Networks, a subsidiary of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting, which receives $3 million a year from federal and state governments.
Several websites feature a series of videos from RT, not limited to the Kokesh program, that are extremely favorable to Paul’s campaign. The channel features attractive female anchors who speak flawless English and claim to have America’s best interests at heart. Many observers agree the channel is far more effective than the heavy-handed Soviet propaganda of the Cold War years.
But RT has been such an enthusiastic supporter of the Paul campaign that some observers think the channel, which is registered as a foreign corporation in the U.S., has violated U.S. election law. Foreign corporations are prohibited from “contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly,” according to the Federal Election Commission.
On June 6, 2011, Kokesh ended his show with remarks that go beyond merely reporting the news to endorsing Paul and highlighting a “money bomb” and fundraising for him. The transcript reads as follows:
“Kokesh: I’d like to end tonight on a note of some good news. We have some good news from the front lines of the Ron Paul “LOVEalution” with our money bomb on June 5. I was happy to donate to that. Yesterday we raised over one million dollars for the Ron Paul campaign. And I’m starting to figure out what electable means, because electable or non-electable is really a code word for ‘if this person wins, I’m not gonna be able to get as much money from the government.’ But if you want electable, please support the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama. If you want a President who’s going to honor his oath to the Constitution and your freedom; I urge you to support none other than Congressman Ron Paul.”
Kokesh publicly endorsed Paul, saying, “I urge you to support none other than Congressman Ron Paul,” and mentioned that he was “happy to donate to that [Ron Paul money bomb].”
A disgruntled U.S. Marine veteran who openly acknowledges his current role as a paid agent of Moscow, Kokesh says his program is an example of “libertarian television.” He has been backing Paul—and Paul’s organization has supported him—since Kokesh unsuccessfully ran for the Congress in New Mexico in 2010.

But Tim Sumner of 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America said Kokesh is masquerading as a conservative-libertarian in order to lure viewers into accepting a far-left agenda. Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin called Kokesh a “smear merchant” who wears “GOP clothing.”
Nevertheless, Kokesh continues to advertise himself as a Republican supporter of Ron Paul. “Ron Paul trampled the competition with logic and reason at the Ames debate,” Kokesh insists. During the debate, Paul said he would not object to Iran getting nuclear weapons and called for trade relations with Communist Cuba. Paul also complained about “war propaganda” designed to lay the groundwork for military action against Iran.
“Rep. Paul, who is excellent on many other issues, reveals both a shocking naïveté regarding Cuba and Iran, and a deep misunderstanding of the principles of free trade, when applied  to belligerent nations,”countered anti-communist blogger Trevor Loudon, a prominent critic of Russia Today.
On the Big Peace website, writer and researcher Spyridon Mitsotakis called Paul the Republican Party’s Henry Wallace, a reference to the Democrat considered so naïve about the communist threat that he ran for president on the ticket of the Progressive Party, which was dominated and manipulated by the Communist Party.
Some political observers think Paul’s campaign has the potential to undermine the Republican Party as it goes into the 2012 campaign and help guarantee Obama’s re-election. Conservative columnist Douglas MacKinnon says, “I spoke recently with a senior Democrat strategist who offered up a quite logical and incredibly frightening scenario for those who are desperate to vote Barack Obama out of office in 2012. His theory goes like this: That the Obama White House and the Obama re-election team are going to work overtime behind the scenes to push enough of Texas Republican Ron Paul’s ‘libertarian’ buttons to eventually have him declare as a third-party candidate.”
This theory holds that Paul could attract enough votes away from potential Republican voters to throw the election to Obama.
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  • Ron Paul is nothing if not a statesman and scholar. Your attacks on him sicken real republicans and thrill the pathetic chicken hawk Neocons. If we’d listened to Ron way-back-when our country would not be screwed and we would be stronger militarily, financially and ethically than we are today after having been bled by Bush and his spiritual progeny Obama. The reality is that our military presence on foreign soil is as offensive to the people that live there as armed Chinese troops would be if they were stationed in Texas. We would not stand for it here, but we have had a globe-straddling empire and a very intrusive foreign policy for decades that incites a lot of hatred and resentment toward us.
    David Kokesh doesn’t need my help in defending himself but to imply that he is ideas are controlled by anyone other than himself is a blatant lie. I’d listen to Mr. Kokesh over Ms. Malkin on any topic.
    You should be scared. Your ideas are dead and dying. There is a generation of sentient beings tired of the rehashed slop of the Rino right and the Idiot left. If you don’t want Obama to be elected, I would suggest you get with the program and vote for Ron Paul.
    • stang289 says:
      RT is a propaganda machine. Ron Paul all though I agree with him on many things including our presence overseas after his stupid statements on Iran I now perceive him as Neville Chamberlain right before WWIII , Ron Paul is Un-electable period .Mr Kokesh is just A TRAITOR !
      • Tucci78 says:
        Yep, RT is certainly “a propaganda machine.” The lamestream media in these United States isn’t?
        Looking at the matter objectively, without neocon frothingly rabid bigotry, the regime in Moscow today would be better off with the Oval Office under the control of a man who has a track record of strict constitutionality, as anti-imperialist as Mark Twain was, as fiscally responsible as Grover Cleveland had been, and more willing to talk plain goddam common sense to the American people than even Harry Truman.
        Jeez, Ron Paul is more thoroughly true to the real roots of the Democratic Party than any of these modern National Socialists masquerading under that name.
        Were you an officer of civil government in Moscow, wouldn’t YOU have a real interest in supportingany kind of political movement in the world’s only remaining superpower that focused on the rule of law and individual human rights instead of screwing around in the affairs of other nations?
    • J says:
      There’s things I like about Ron Paul, but America cannot be isolationist. It’s just not the hand we were dealt. It might appeal to our philosophies, but we cannot withdraw from the World. I don’t see today as being any different from the past–all the atrocities that humanity was capable of then, as well as now. Our withdrawal from the World would just facilitate more wars. What would North Korea do to South Korea, China to Taiwan? What would happen to Europe if we ended NATO? Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, those places live in freedom because of us. Those places have been free to choose which system they want because of us. We have our flaws; we’ve made mistakes, and we aren’t altruistic, but we have been a forced for life and liberty. I don’t like what a world dominated by any other country looks like. How do you think China would treat the World? China, a country that suppresses it’s own people, violently when necessary–look at the Falun Gong. Would China treat others more kindly than their own? Looking to Africa, I’d say no.
      I like lots of things about Ron Paul, but it’s this one issue, his stance on international relations, that I can’t support–and it rules him out as a choice for president.
      History can repeat itself. Creating a massive power vacuum would definitely do it.
      • Tucci78 says:
        Ah, “America cannot be isolationist.”
        Batpuckey. Just what the hell is there about freedom of trade – not screw-the-consumer, competition-obliterating, pork-sucking, corporate welfare, government-to-government “managed commerce” run by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats – that’s suppose to be “isolationist,” eh?
        Gawd, these neocon inflamed sphincters seem to think that everybody in America is just as dead-from-the-neck-up as they are.
        There’s an old saying in political economics to the effect that “when goods and services do not cross borders, armies will.”
        An example of purest idiocy is found in this neocon schmuck’s blathering about what Red China might do to Taiwan were Dr. Paul’s policy decisions in control of the federal Executive branch.
        Well, just what the hell did that communist gerontocracy in Beijing learn when they absorbed Hong Kong?
        Hey, guess what? They found out that capitalism works better than socialism! Ain’t that a hoot?
        If the senile old goats on the Asian mainland were stupid enough to try to grab Taiwan, they know that they’d lose one of their most important trading partners (the Taiwanese are all the hellangone over Red China right now; they’re responsible for a critical bunch of the economic advancement the mainlanders have enjoyed over the past couple of decades) but they’d also give China’s debtor nations – like America – a wonderful excuse to repudiate their IOUs and invoke protectionist “sanctions.”
        The Red Chinese economy is also teetering in this global recession. Don’t kid yourselves, folks. Grabbing at Taiwan would be political and economic suicide, and the Viagra-addicted old men in Beijing know it.
        As for North Korea invading the ROK….
        Hoo, boy. At this point, that “Hidden Kingdom” up in the northern part of the peninsula is a military as well as economic basket case. After the horrible economic hit suffered by the West Germans in absorbing their screwed-unto-death-by-socialism relatives in East Germany, the South Koreans are reluctant as hell to take over the massive concentration camp the Kim-worshipers have made of their excuse for a country.
        The insane idiots running North Korea can’t take over South Korea. Think of a quadriplegic swimming the English Channel. In January.
        And the South Koreans sure as hell don’t want to take over North Korea. Might as well ask the folks in Beverly Hills how much they’d like to take over Watts.
        Look, we all know that you’ve got to be really, really stupid to be a “Liberal,” right?
        Well, guess how stupid you have to be in order to push all this neocon crap.
        • J says:
          You’re ignoring reality. I’m not sure what you’re actually saying, but the gist I’m getting is that we could withdraw from the World and NOT create a massive power vacuum? Or that we would, but that’d be fine?
          North Korea, for example, has one of the largest armies in the World. Their entire economy is geared towards war. They all are brainwashed because the government controls all access to information. They believe they are a superpower. They live in an alternate reality where they believe it’s by their grace that they haven’t annihilated the South and the USA. You’re saying this isn’t at all dangerous?
          Or how ’bout Iran? They’re saying they want to wipe another nation off the map. They hold a cartoon drawing contest every year to see who can draw the best cartoons of Israelis–many of them depict them as apes and pigs. Their president said Israel will disappear in a cloud of fire. And they’re pursuing nuclear weapons.
          For God’s sake, not everyone thinks like us. I’m not sure if you’re mirror imaging or ignoring reality or what. The US cannot be isolationist, no matter how much we want it to be so.
          Ron Paul’s foreign policy is a quadriplegic swimming the English Channel. In January.
          • Dave says:
            Iran’s leader did NOT say he wants to wipe Israel off the map, that is an intentional mis-translation that has been repeated over and over and over again for propaganda purposes. He said “wipe ZIONISM from the the pages of history”.
            Ron Paul for president. Freedom is popluar.
    • joe sixpack says:
      Sleeping with dogs will only get you fleas.
  • SandyfromMO says:
    So this means that Ron Paul is being supported by the communist Russia Today program which is funded by the American taxpayers. This definitely should be a wake up call to all Ron Paul supporters NOT to vote to put Ron and the communist party in the White House.
    • JeffinTX says:
      ….you think the Communist party’s not already in the White House? Interesting
    • justme says:
      Seriously? Did you ever consider that foreign observers might see an obvious choice?
      You can tell which presidential candidates are willing to “play ball” with the powers that be. They’re the ones that get heavy media coverage.
      Did you ever wonder why the “liberal” mainstream media barely mention Ron Paul whatsoever? Even after coming in second by less than 200 votes in the supposedly huge Iowa straw poll? Even after raising record-breaking amounts of money last cycle — all from grassroots supporters?
      Jon Stewart comments on Ron Paul at about 4:40. It’s sickening the way the straw poll coverage almost completely ignores a candidate that came within a hair’s breadth of winning the straw poll. Sickening.
      Quick question before I go; you really think that the radical liberal media want to keep a communist OUT of the White House?
      • 30moves says:
        The Ron Paul Straw Vote is like all the other Ron Paul Straw Votes – his followers travel to these sites so they can vote en masse – it makes it look like he is wildly popular – which he is not.
        Somewhere there is a nursing home security guard looking for the escapee Ron Paul.
        • Dave says:
          Only Iowans can vote in the Iowa straw poll…it’s not Ron Paul’s fault if the other candidates have to pay peoples’ way into the poll and entice them with free concerts to get votes.
    • Rick says:
      Sandy, Read the book ‘Year Of The Rat’ how do you think that scumbag Clinton & Gore got into the White House back in 1992? Clinton owes his presidency to his closest Asian friends, ethic-Chinese Indonesian bankers Mokthar and James Riady have billions of dollars in investments in China. In 1992, with the Clinton campaign broke and reeling from the Jennifer Flowers scandal, the Riady’s persuaded the Arkansas-based Worthen Bank, of which their Lippo Bank was a part owner, to issue a $3.5 million letter of credit to the Clinton campaign. In addition, James Riady and his wife donated $450,000 that year, making them the largest private donors to the Clinton-Gore campaign.
      Who are the Riady’s? The authors cite a CIA report to the U.S. Senate , that states, in part: “James and Mochtar Riady have a long-term relationship with a Chinese intelligence agency. The relationship is based on mutual benefit… the Chinese intelligence agency seeks to locate and develop relationships with information collectors particularly those with close association to the U.S. government.” Within months of Clinton’s election, a Riady executive and Democratic party fund-raiser, John Huang, had a Top Secret security clearance, with access to the most sensitive CIA information on China. Huang was issued the security clearance five months before working for Ron Brown at the Commerce Department. Incredibly, Huang maintained the clearance after he left the Administration to do full time fund-raising at the Democratic National Committee.

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