Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mackowiak: Ron Paul is extremely dangerous and must not be allowed to win Iowa


 Ron Paul will not defeat President Obama in 2012. The most recent general election polling may suggest that Rep. Paul is within striking distance of Obama, but the president will score an easy victory next November if Paul is indeed his opponent. While conservatives and some establishment Republicans rightly cheer as Paul professes smaller government and fiscal accountability, his outrageous positions on U.S. foreign policy, particularly given the meteoric rise of China and continued saber-rattling by Iran and North Korea on the international scene, will cause most general election voters to double down on Obama before they pull the lever in Paul’s favor. (including me, Paul is much WORSE as an enabler of our Islamist enemies than even Obama or Bush before him)
Let us also not forget that should Paul actually be the nominee, his decades-old incendiary (although unbylined) newsletters — once Team Obama highlights them — will likely damage the Republican brand for years to come. Simply put, if Paul is the Republican nominee, President Obama will be assured four more years in the White House, and Americans just cannot afford that.

Paul has not demonstrated himself to be a team player, and with our new primary rules, Paul could wreck havoc all the way to the convention in Tampa. This counterproductive behavior was on display in 2008, when he refused to endorse then-nominee McCain and proceeded to hold a protest near the national convention. 

Third, voters must not embolden Ron Paul to make a third-party presidential run. Many of Ron Paul’s most ardent supporters display a mania for him that transcends policy and becomes idolatry. 

Congressman Paul is extremely dangerous and his candidacy for president should not be taken lightly. He cannot be allowed to gain momentum in Iowa, either within the Republican field or in preparation for a third-party general election run. Our country’s future literally hangs in the balance. 

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IrishMensa Wrote:22 hours ago (10:57 PM)
The only voters who would be counted on to vote for Ron Paul if (God forbid) he wins the nomination are:

(A) Anti-Semites and Neo-Nazis
(B) Conspiracy Theorists and Tin-Foil Hat Wearers
(C) Drug pushers who want to be free to target their wares to children
(D) Gay activists who want to force their lifestyle on the rest of us
(E) Obama voters who feel that the current president is merely incompetent.

However, the GOP loses the following voters:

(A) People who are capable of thinking independently.
(B) People who believe that America should protect its neighbors and its interests in the world.
(C) People who understand that the world is a dangerous place, and do not wish for us to become like Europe.

D) People who realize that the world has been a better place with America leading it.
(E) People realize that we are much safer and in a better position to protect ourselves if we take a leadership role in the world.

The fact is that if the choice is between Ron Paul and Barak Obama, most voters may either opt for the devil they know, or move out of the country for their own safety. Ron Paul and his band of thugs have no interest in seeing the country survive...their only problem with Obama is that he is not destroying us quickly enough to suit them.

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