Monday, December 19, 2011

We Are the 40%: Android iOS SmartPhones and Facebook Conquer America

Nearly Half of Americans Use SmartPhones for .. Facebook

Don Kellog of Nielsen ratings says there's an app for that.. tracking what people do with their smartphones

I was doing tthis stuff years ago with HP-100LX, pocket pc and then windows mobile, just not as slick. I've got a the first iPhone alike WinMobile 6.5 because I like a real keyboard and SD slot. Seems Microsoft should have kept up sales of the non-touch "smartphone" which sold pretty well and the 6.5 should have transitioned better, otherwise it's just killing off the cash cow to do something "really great", but at least I have a son who loves his windows phone 7.

The average user goes through about 38 apps in a month, and nearly half or 44%  of people have smartphones (evidently everybody had a mobile phone some time ago) with 50% due to hit in a month or so. The phone is on about 6% of the entire day (1 and a half hours), and half of that on actual phone calls.

== Top Time Wasting on Phones ==
Nearly half of phone time is spent on Facebook, then
40% Facebook
8% Messaging
12% Internet
1% e-mail
7% pre-loaded app
1% third-party app

== Top 3 Phones ==
34% of Motorola android users make over $100,000 per yea
HTC Evo 4G most popular android handset
Motorola Droid X #2
LG Optimus S #3

== 80/20 Rule Again ==

Top 10 applications for Android account for 34% of Time
84% of time is on top 1,000 apps
On iOs, top 10 is 45% of time
Only 25% of users buy after a timed trial

By the numbers Alex Handy Software Development Times December

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