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Christmas Shoes 2 Hanky Tearjerker Song + chords

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"The Christmas Shoes" is a Christmas-themed song by the Christian vocal groupNewSong. The song was released as a bonus track on their 2000 album Sheltering Tree[1] and it reached No. 31 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.[2] "The Christmas Shoes" spent one week at No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary chart and No. 42 on the Hot 100 chart.[3] It was written by Eddie Carswell and Leonard Ahlstromy.[1]


The narrator is standing in line at a checkout stand for some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, but is not feeling the spirit of the holiday. The customer in front of him is a little boy dressed in worn, old clothes whose only item is a pair of women'sshoes. The boy tells the cashier that he wishes to buy the shoes for his ill mother so that she may look her best when she meets Jesus later that night, because she is dying from cancer. The cashier informs the boy that he does not have enough money to buy the shoes, which prompts the boy to ask the narrator for help saying that although his family is too poor to make do with Christmas, his mother still made the best of celebrating it. The narrator pays for the shoes, and as the boy thanks him and walks away, the narrator finally realizes that the little boy helped him understand the true meaning of Christmas.

[edit]Cover versions

A year after NewSong's version, country music girl group 3 of Hearts released their own version, which peaked at No. 39 on the country chart.[4]

[edit]Song in media

In 2002, Donna VanLiere took the story and the theme of the song and produced a novelization which was published in 2002 bySt. Martin's Press. The book became a made-for-TV movie released in December 2002.
Comedian Patton Oswalt has deconstructed the song's themes and message in multiple stand-up comedy routines. One routine included comedy band Hard 'n Phirm performing the song, with Oswalt stopping them to comment on the lyrics or the message.

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@@Official Newsong Video


@@3 of Hearts: Christmas Shoes

@@CBS TV special 10 parts

It was so bad/good they did a TV show,

here's the offical website
Based on the #1 hit record and best-selling book, the beloved television movie THE CHRISTMAS SHOES stars Rob Lowe and Kimberly Williams. In this heartwarming holiday drama, a workaholic attorney crosses paths with a young boy on Christmas Eve and rediscovers the true meaning of love, life and the holiday season.

The Christmas Shoes (film) (wikipedia)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Christmas Shoes
Directed byAndy Wolk
Written byWesley Bishop
Donna Van Liere
StarringRob Lowe
Kimberly Williams
Music byLawrence Shragge
CinematographyJohn Berrie
Editing byDrake Silliman
Distributed byCBS
Release date(s)December 1, 2002
Running time100 minutes
CountryUnited States/Canada
The Christmas Shoes is a made-for-TV movie, broadcast on CBS in December 2002. It is based on the hit song and novel of the same name.
The film has three plot lines. One story is about a man named Robert Layton and his deteriorating marriage; another is about Robert's heartbroken mother Ellen and her friendly neighbor Dalton; and the main story is about Maggie Andrews and her sickness, and how her family (her husband, Jack, and son, Nathan) deal with it. All three stories are linked together.


Primarily set in 1985, Maggie Andrews talks about how she had a pair of dancing shoes just like the ones in a story read by Nathan's teacher (Dalton). The story is about a girl who is paralyzed and can no longer dance, but feels magical when she puts on her dancing shoes.
Robert has promised to go see his daughter, Lilly, perform in a school concert (which Maggie is conducting). Robert gets caught up in his work and misses his daughter's solo. He and his wife, Kate, argue about it; Robert apologizes to Lilly.
Maggie consults a doctor about chest pains and learns that she will probably die of myocarditis before New Year's Day. At Maggie's urging, Kate agrees to direct the concert. This decision causes controversy between Robert and Kate. Meanwhile, Nathan collects cans to buy the beautiful shoes for his mother, and Dalton helps by leaving cans all around for him to find.
Meanwhile, Robert's mother Ellen has been thinking about his childhood and writes to him. A few days later Dalton finds her dead. Nathan goes to buy the shoes but is told at the store he does not have enough money. Robert is Christmas shopping there and helps Nathan buy the shoes.
Robert has now realized that he should cherish the time he has with his family. He reconciles with Kate and joins their caroling. They carol in front of the Andrews' house until they see the lights turn out indicating that Maggie has died. In the end the Laytons are a happy family, Nathan and Jack get along without Maggie and Nathan finally gets the puppy that he has been wanting since the beginning of the film.
The scene then cuts to the cemetery where Robert is visiting his mother's grave, 17 years later. He runs into a young man wearing the same baseball cap Nathan had been wearing. After he leaves, Robert sees that the man had been visiting Maggie's grave, and recognizes the shoes the man had left at the grave. Robert then realizes that the young man was Nathan.



This is for those of you who hate the song

@@Patton Oswalt - Christmas Shoes 465,110 views

chords I worked out

The Christmas Shoes

n D Capo 1
Intro: D  A  Bm A G A  D+   D  A

D             A
It was almost Christmas time
Bm               D
There I stood in another line,
G                       A
Trying to buy that last Gift or two,
Em7               A
Not really in the Christmas mood.

(D) Standing right (A) in front of me,
(G) a little boy waiting (A) anxiously,
(G) pacing round Like (A) little boys do,
(EM7) and in his hands he (A) held a pair of (G) shoes.(D)

And his (Bm) clothes were old and (A) worn,
He was (Bm) dirty from head to (A) toe
(G) and when it came his (A) time to pay,
(Em7) I couldn't believe what I (A) heard him say.

Sir, I want to (D) buy these (A) shoes,
for my (B#m)momma (A)please,
it's (G) Christmas eve and these (A)shoes are just her (D)size. A
Could your (D) hurry (A)please,
Daddy says there’s (Bm) not much (A) time,
you see (G)shes been sick for (A)quite awhile
and I (G) know these shoes will (A) make her smile
and I (G) want her to look (A)beautiful
if (G) momma meets (A)Jesus (D)tonight

(D)They counted pennies for what (A)seemed like years,
(B#m)the cashier said son theres (D) not enough here,
(G) he searched his pockets (A) frantically,
(G) then he turned and (A) looked at me.

He said,(D) Momma made Christmas (A) good at our house,
(Bm) most years we just (A) did without,
(G) tell me Sir what am I (a)gonna do
some(Em)how I've  got to (A) buy her these Christmas (D) shoes.

(Bm)So I laid the money (A)down,
I just (Em) had to help him (A)out,
and I'll (G) never forget the (A) look on his face
when he said (G) mommas gonna (A) look so great.

Sir, I want to (D) buy these (A) shoes,
for my (B#m)momma (A)please,
it's (G) Christmas eve and these (A)shoes are just her (D)size. A
Could your (D) hurry (A)please,
Daddy says there’s (Bm) not much (A) time,
you see (G)shes been sick for (A)quite awhile
and I (G) know these shoes will (A) make her smile
and I (G) want her to look (A)beautiful
if (G) momma meets (A)Jesus (D)tonight

I knew I’d (Em) caught a glimpse of (D)heaven’s love
as he(Em)thanked me and (D) then ran out
I knew that (Em)God had sent that (D)little boy to (a)remind me,
What (G)Christmas is all (A)about.
Sir, I want to (D) buy these (A) shoes,
for my (Bm)momma (A)please,
if (eM) momma meets (G)Je (A) sus ton (G) ight D

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