Wednesday, December 07, 2011

No WinPhone 7 Apps Left Behind: Why Not Run Some WP7 Apps on Win 8 Tablets?

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This fellow has a good suggestion, and comments on the "death of silverlight" which is the heart of windows phone apps:

No Phone App Left Behind on Win8: A Proposal

by James Ashley12. November 2011 14:06

...  The Windows Phone Marketplace has tens of thousands of apps that should be leveraged to provide this content.  The main barrier to this is that the development stacks for Windows Phone and Windows 8 are significantly different.  A simple solution to bridge this gap is to enable Metro Tiles for Silverlight apps running in “classic” mode – something not currently easy to do on the Windows 8 platform.  Here is the background.
There has recently been a revival of chatter about the death of Silverlight revolving around the notion that Silverlight 5 will be the last version of the platform we are likely to see:;item2

The main argument against the claims that Silverlight is dead concern the fact that it is currently still at the heart of Windows Phone development.  If MinWin from the Windows 8 OS for tablets replaces the WinCE kernel on Windows Phones, however, what will be the fate of Silverlight then?

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