Monday, December 12, 2011

Odd Christmas Music

Indian Jingle Bells  Amartya Rahut

Sugar Fart Fairy Flatulina

hat tip

Klingon Jingle Bells  (a couple of funny gay guys, I don't endorse everything they do but it's a funny christmas list)

FOFA #1113 – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music, Vol. 2 – 12.22.09

Podcast:Feast of Fun
Published:December 22nd, 2010
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Christmas is so bizarre- the loud colors, the strange rituals and the omnipotent bearded Santa all lend a special psychedelic flavor to the winter months. A science fiction writer couldn't come up with stranger holiday. Today we're taking a listen to some lesser known Christmas themed music albums in our annual collection of incredibly strange Christmas music. Flatulina, the critically acclaimed gassy gal from the West Coast, Rudy Ray Moore's filthy comedy album, El Vez, the Mexican Elvis and Lesbian Therapists from Texas all have fantastic albums to make sense of the season. Our blogging buddy and Chicago Gay Men's Chorus member Rick Aiello joins us to check out some of the weirder musical gems. Looking for a good last minute gift? Why not buy all the music featured here and make a trashy Christmas mix CD for your friend? Please donate to the development of the Feast of Fun iPhone app! Like many news and podcasting apps, the Feast of Fun app will allow people to quickly access all the fabulous shows and content on FOF with their iPhone. Yoursquo;ll be able to interact with the site by submitting you own content, like comments or blog entries, directly from an iPhones. Click here for Volume 1. Featured Music: Amartya Rahut - Jingle Bells: Youtube Flatulina - Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies - Flatulina's Fabulous Holiday Spectacular: iTunes Rudy Ray Moore - Night Before Christmas - This Aint No White Christmas: iTunes Jackie Beat - Santa's Baby - JB is the Holiday Ho: Site Rodney Carrington - Who Put the Dick on the Snowman?: Youtube Tiny Tim - Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS this Year- Red Peters Album: iTunes Darlene Love - Who Took the Merry out of Christmas? - It's Christmas, of course: iTunes Magicfolk - Shaman Spirit Reindeer of Siberia - Pagan Christmas: Site Therapy Sisters - Codependent Christmas: iTunes El Vez - Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Claus - Merry MeX-Mas: "iTunes Arnie Ardvark - I Want a Blow up Doll for Christmas - KNOW talent Agency (Kreations Nobody Ought to Want): Site Dr Elmo - Going on a Date with Santa - Up Your Chimney: iTunes Jeff and Sue Mitchel - Buzzy the Christmas Bee The Happy Reindeer - Dancer, Prancer and Nervous: Youtube Jingle Cats - Meowy Christmas: iTunes Klingon Jingle Bells Jingle Dogs - We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Christmas Unleashed: iTunes RSS FEED #124; SUBSCRIBE VIA iTUNES SUBSCRIBE VIA: GOOGLE #124; PODZINGER CONTACT US DIRECTLY

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