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Pan Am Recaps: Maggie Burns, Kate Shoots, Dean Scores

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Man, it's a battle of recaps out there. There were NO Asians in this episode. We have one fire start, two bedroom and one barn scenes, two 60's undy scenes, one shooting, and a coffee spill. It's good drama, but way beyond Glee in terms of too edgy for the impressionable little girls who might be looking up to wholesome role models. If the Disney Princesses were caught playing games like this, they'd be banned for life.


Still, I'm not disappointed with Maggie for that long, because she finds Rawlings' speech and is not happy with it. It's "practically fascism"! She runs into the bathroom with it and sets fire to the speech, tossing it in the trash can. Oh, Maggie, I love you again! Unfortunately, it kind of sets the curtains alight and the fire alarm goes off...

The fire alarm causes all kinds of problems - Chris chases after Maggie, saying she's "reckless, pig-headed, crazy" but surprisingly this doesn't flatter her and she gives him a look of pure disgust (brilliant). And as the hotel is evacuated, Laura finds Ted and apologizes for not interrupting his dinner... only to discover he's been with Amanda. Laura, you love him after all!

More importantly, Bulger decides that he'll have to take the bracelet back to his shop. Kate desperately tries to stop him - Roger's still there! - but she can't. Instead, she follows him to the shop, sneaks in, and spots Bulger and Roger having a tussle. Kelli Garner does a fabulous shocked face, and then a gun flies out of someone's hand and lands by her foot. She picks it up, and as Bulger gets out something to stab Roger, she points... and shoots. What an ending! I have a feeling Kate might find it even more difficult to leave spy world now...

(previews shows the man with blood on his face saying RUN and the return of Bridget who Dean as it turns out never really got over...)

On the flight over to London, Maggie had more than her fair share of problems as her friend Sam used the seat she scored him for free to pester a congressman about banning nuclear testing. Sam accused Maggie of being a sellout, sacrificing her personal beliefs in order to make small talk and take drink orders. She was in the position to make a difference, he pointed out, and to Maggie Ryan’s credit, she certainly tried. Unfortunately however, the only way the congressman was going to hear Maggie’s political proposals was if they came with a little canoodling. Surprise of all surprises, Maggie was game. And here we thought Maggie was a woman with morals! Not exactly, but as per usual, Maggie seemed to find the most morally bankrupt route in life and skipped down it like it was the yellow brick road. While we don’t yet know the back-story between her and her heavily bearded beatnik friend Sam, we do know she owes him a favor. Something tells me that Maggie becoming lovers with the politician he loathes so much is not what he had in mind.


once in London, Kate’s courier mission became a little more involved. Now she had to play girlfriend to British contact Anderson and distract a jeweler while he switched the lists of CIA contact names. Kate played her part well, even insisting on the most expensive bracelet to stick it to Anderson, and all was going according to plan with the jeweler fitting her bracelet in the hotel room until the fire alarm rang out and he ran out of there faster than Speedy Gonzales. Kate rushed out behind him but, it was too late. By the time she caught up with the jeweler, he had discovered Anderson swapping out the lists, they struggled, a gun slid perfectly over to Kate, the jeweler was about to take a lethal stab at Anderson and Bang!
That gunshot will have to carry us over until the new year because the episode ended there. A gunshot and fade to black. Very cinematic. But also very mysterious. Is our Kate a killer?

But if we learned anything from last weeks epic Haiti episode, [Pan Am Flies Into Hell] its that the show must go on! And last night it went on and on and on.

Meanwhile Maggie helps her Beatnik friend Sam wiggle onto their flight to England. (It is in his highest interest to attend the World Atomic Symposium, or, in his words, the event hosting “the biggest death merchants on the planet.”) On the flight, Sam decides to give the Full Beatnik Treatment to charming yet atomically inclined congressman Christopher Rollins. Maggie catches wind of this and nips his speech in the bud to avoid getting herself into trouble—though naturally she too is anti-world annihilation. When she apologizes to the congressman, he says she has a cute blue hat, indicating that they will sleep together by the end of the episode. (She will also set fire to one of his speeches and consequently almost burn down an entire hotel building, but thats beside the point.) How far weve come since the Great Hook-up Draught of October.

[No mention of the 60's undy shots that show a bit more than those Playtex commercial on mannequin torsos of those days. Not much for guys to get excited about either in terms of warfare, 707 CG effects, etc.]

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