Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Rant about using Window 8 for portable HTML5 apps

HTML 5 is a buzzword for portable apps, but Windows 8 is really way for Windows people who like HTML CSS and JavaScript to make wizzy iPhone/Windows-Phone looking apps. So it's more a way of moving generic web app people to do cool stuff on windows. So says this rant...
The place of HTML5 in Windows 8
First, a rant. “HTML5” is a buzzword. When you hear people talk about “HTML5”, what they talk about is:
Canvas and WebGL, Plugin-free video, Excessive JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5
Most people don’t care about business app development. They mostly get excited about the ability to present graphics and video and to program simple games without plugins like Flash or Silverlight.
And those who do care about business app development got excited when they heard from Microsoft that HTML5 will be the language of choice in the WinRT (Metro App) framework. Well, people always get excited when someone promises them PORTABILITY. They just can’t stop believing in the Portability Myth.
In particular, HTML5 in Windows 8 will NOT be a tool for developing portable applications. In fact, HTML5 is NOT going to be a Windows 8 app development tool at all. Take a look: . Do you see “HTML5” mentioned anywhere in the documentation? Is this HTML5?:

The so called “HTML5 applications” on Windows 8 will in fact be developed using JavaScript, PROPRIETARY HTML EXTENSIONS that will allow you to use the WinRT PROPRIETARY controls and APIs, and some CSS3 for layouts (although you will mostly be using PROPRIETARY layout containers).
So don’t get excited about portability.
In fact, it’s going to be much easier to port applications between WinRT XAML, Silverlight and WPF than between WinRT “Html5” and in-browser Html5.
MS is introducing and hyping HTML5 only to attract developers who are used to JavaScript/DOM/CSS coding.

Look at it another way, Apple forces you to use this nutty Objective -C or worse, OPENGL to do a cool app on their phones and tablets. Their stuff isn't portable either.

Microsoft is giving Web geeks a way to do them based on beloved html css and javascript standards. So if that's your cup of tea instead of C# or C++, then have at it.

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