Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sony NEX-3 Sample Pictures

Got Sony NX-3 camera as follow-on to DSC-H7 that has flakey mode control with Sonycard points. 

Advantage is that it supposed to have the same optics and APS sensor as a low-end SLR. Disadvantage is  that everything works off of one control, even the !@#$ zoom. It also does not have a built-in flash but some silly dedicated vestigial flash that fits on top, maybe they think you'll usually go without flash but picture I got were pretty dark. 

Unfortunately did not realize it only comes with ultrawide "pancake" lens. The only way to get zoom is MENU-CAMERA-SCROLL-ZOOM-ENTER to get digital zoom. Up to 3X digital zoom actually looks ok, but people look fish-eyed if you get close enough to fill the viewfinder. Also seems you need a very fast shutter to be still enough to actually get every pixel sharp. 

Not hdr

Chicken with bright modified by Photoshop

Bothell Country Village HDR. HDR only slightly brightens darkest areas, otherwise not huge diff.

3X zoom

10X zoom looks awful but ok for spy shots.


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