Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chinese Fishing Boats (Not PLAN Navy) Attacks South Korean Coast Guard

Forget the PLAN People's Liberation Army Navy, their FISHERMAN are a meanace!


China/South Korea: Tensions Rise After South Korean Coast Guard Officer Killed by Chinese Fisherman

December 14, 2011
| Security
| Asia and the Pacific
  •  one South Korean Coast Guard officer was killed and another wounded while intercepting an illegal Chinese fishing boat on Monday
  •  the captain of the boat allegedly stabbed the two officers after they attempted to seize the boat and detain the crew . . . 
  • the Coast Guard had to use tear gas and rubber bullets on another boat ofChinese fishermen in October who were armed with clubs and shovels . . . 
  • 430 Chinese ships have been seized for illegal fishing in the Yellow Sea this year, with arrests and detentions increasing about 25 percent from last year .
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ChinaHush shared a link.
Starting from Dec 13rd, South Koreans groups have been protesting in front of China embassy for 3 consecutive days because of the death of a coast guard

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