Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekly Standard: Gingrich might lead Romney but Romney leads Obama

Rasmussen: Obama 49, Gingrich 39

Newt continues his decline against the president.

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows Newt Gingrich declining further in a hypothetical matchup against President Barack Obama. Among the 1,000 likely voters surveyed on December 12 and 13, 49 percent say they would vote for Obama while 39 percent would vote for Gingrich.

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That ten-point difference is the largest between the two candidates, five points wider than the margin between Obama and Gingrich (45 percent to 40 percent) in last week's Rasmussen poll. At one point in late November, Gingrich had a slight lead on Obama, at 45 percent to 43 percent, according to the pollster.
According to the RealClearPolitics poll average, Gingrich is 8.4 percentage points behind Obama in a general election contest. Mitt Romney, by contrast, only trails Obama by 1.6 points.

I've figured out how you can tell when President Obama is annoyed. His face contorts into a forced grin that displays frustration and condescension even as it dazzles. The false smile occurred frequently during Obama's recent 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft. Every time Kroft introduced a note of dissent or skepticism into the conversation, Obama would start beaming. But his eyes sent a different message. He looked like he was staring down a punk.

Here's what I learned from the interview: Nothing is Obama's fault. He inherited a financial crisis and a terrible economy. He prevented a second Great Depression. But the Republicans refuse to go along with his plans to situate the United States on a "New Foundation." Only GOP intransigence stands in the way of a bright future for America. The metaphor Obama uses to describe our situation is telling—he says he's the captain guiding the ship of state. But the ship is in the middle of a storm over which the captain has no control. No matter how good the captain might be at his job, if the passengers are seasick, he's going to take the blame. It doesn't seem to occur to Obama that he's had almost three years to plot a course out of the cyclone.

False Advertising: Obama Campaign Asks for Money on 'Dishonest Israel Ads'

1:34 PM, DEC 12, 2011 • BY DANIEL HALPER
As Salon reports, President Obama is trying to raise money on his campaign website by suggesting that he is more pro-Israel than the Republican presidential candidates. Because if  you care about Israel, the Obama campaign wants to suggest, you're going to support the president over the current crop of Republicans (Romney, Perry, and Gingrich, in particular) who "all say they would cut foreign aid to Israel--and every other country--to zero."
Here's an image of the donation page on, which apparently is where you land after clicking on Facebook ads:
The Salon piece, appropriately titled "Obama's dishonest Israel ads," reports: "It’s worth noting that the Obama ads are incredibly dishonest. First of all, the Republican candidates were talking about setting foreign aid at zero each year as a starting point in discussions about how much to give, not setting it at zero as a matter of policy."

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