Friday, December 16, 2011

Where You Go I Go -Kim Walker / Jesus Culture

Where You Go I Go -Kim Walker / Jesus Culture

Kim Walker singing "Where You Go I Go" from the "Your Love Never Fails" CD/DVD, available on This DVD was recorded live at a Jesus Culture Conference in Redding, CA. The mp3 is available at iTunes by searching for "Your Love Never Fails". W/M Brian Johnson ©2005 Brian Johnson Music. Recording/Video ©2008 Jesus Culture Music Jesus Culture is ministry of Bethel Church in Redding Ca.

  • I'm glad there are still 2 million people out there who love Jesus.
  • Yeah, they're a real protean band, you can't pigeon hole them. They go from songs like this, to songs like Dance With Me. I think they embody the truth that there are many expressions of worship, and a wise person tries to expand themselves in order to appreciate those many forms.
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  • Awesome Praise God Amen!!!!! What an awesome world it would be if they could all praise GOD the way the crowd Praises Amen? GOD is an awesome GOD!!!!!
  • To jest nowy wymiar GOSPEL. Powaliło mnie. Chwała Tobie Jezu!!!
  • Yes I'm glad we are in the millions too but we are the minority, Walk the narrow road... and at the end there is life (eternal life)
  • @throughthepensieve Almost 3!
  • This song is an absolute jam--Kim and this band are great.
    My best friend, who died, use to say, ”Mark, even if I don’t feel good, God is good”. He told me that even though he was dying, he was never happier in his life--always praising God, always talking about God with me. Only God can do that. His name was Ron Williams. I wrote a song about this entitled--GOD IS GOOD EVEN IF; Just type: mark behrens (for the search)--God bless.
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  • My favorite song right now
  • The woman is a superstar and a great speaker too!!
  • The true spirit of Christ is portrayed through this He truly is the saviour of man. Also he came to bring peace so please pray for the end of all wars beloved do not fear the majority rule for Christ gave us a spirit of peace not fear anger so please most of all pray war to cease thank you God for the great comforter and counselor

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