Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dodge Dart is Back As Italian Subaru Mazda Fighter

Just saw the Dodge Dart ad:

I saw a '66 Dart convertible in Idaho asking for $25,000 - and he got it. These cars used to sell used for $1500 from 1976 to 2000, like VW Bugs. Car Talk said they would be the last cars on earth along with Cockroaches.

also see
Dart makes a comeback

Original Full Size
File:'62 Dodge Dart (Rassemblement Mopar Valleyfield '10).jpg
1962 "mid-size"

1963 funny looking compact

1966-1976 Most Classic

It was a boxy practical car until the 70s when it was bloated into the Aspen / Volare which pretty much blew up the stereotype of the solid Dart / Valiant, but soldiered on as police cars as the Dodge Diplomat.
Aspen R/T

and was still in  the spirit of the K-cars, a boxy practical car that could seat 6.

which was replaced by the cloud cars Cirrus

1996 Dodge Stratus ES

and then the "odd looking baby Charger" avenger

File:2008-2010 Dodge Avenger -- 05-13-2011.jpg

meanwhile the Neon gave way to the Caliber which is a smaller variant of the Mitsubishi GS platform whic also produced the Jeep Compass and Dodge Avenger, which though exported internationally looks pretty clumsy compared to the Mazda 3 or Subara Impreza / WRX or even the old AMC Gremlin. It was discontinued in Nov 2011 probably to make way for the new Dart.

File:Dodge Caliber -- 09-07-2009.jpg

2013 dodge dart
Alfa donor model

Now it looks like a Alfa-Romeo answer to Subaru Impreza and Mazda 3, good luck with that.

2013 dodge dart head light
With the dodge cross-hair nose

Maybe if they made a practical boxy car that seated 6 again...

2011 Dodge Charger

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