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Ending Social Promotion Still = Failed Outcomes Based Education

Sorry folks. Any attempt to require or promise everybody will be "proficient" is the same as outcomes-based education. It failed in the 80s. (competency-based) It failed in the 90s (outcomes based) It failed in the 2000s (standards based) And it IS STILL A FAILURE. 

Any compulsory education system based on age / grades IS SEAT TIME BASED.If you eliminate the age base, you'll only get MORE segregation based on ability, not "everyone meets one high standard" nonsense. It's the same problem when they put Chinese high school students into 1st grade to learn english. It has to be appropriate to age AND ability. OBE is simply educational socialism, you can NOT have equality of outcomes. 


Parents and teachers voice cautious support for ending social promotion

Parents and some teachers at two public forums today said they could support for Gov. Terry Branstad’s proposal to end social promotion for third-graders with the right mix of literacy programs.
If modeled after Florida’s policies, intensive literacy programs would start in early childhood, and English language learners and students with disabilities could be exempted, said Linda Fandel, the governor’s special assistant for education.
“Retention is their very last resort, and they have a lot of exceptions,” she said.
Teachers, however, said any plan must include a robust funding model, particularly in light of cuts to education in recent years.
Nearly 1 in 3 Iowa fourth-graders last year lacked basic literacy skills and, if the proposal Iowa lawmakers will consider next year had been in place, most may have had to stay in third grade, The Des Moines Register reported today.
About 100 teachers attended a town hall meeting in Des Moines Public Schools Central Campus.
One teacher said the state should follow Florida’s model of providing more intensive assistance for students early in their lives, but reject a ban on social promotion.
Dave O’Connor, a civics teacher at Merrill Middle School in Des Moines, said holding students back a grade can produce extreme anxiety and low self-esteem.
“Why wouldn’t we promote the students while providing the intensive assistance, which would seem to take care of a lot of the emotional and social problems of retention,” he said.
Parents who participated in a roundtable discussion at the West Des Moines Public Library said they supported ending social promotion, because it sends a clear signal to students and parents. However, they said the plan would need to provide better reading instruction than is now provided.
“If you put more expectations on the students, they succeed better,” said Steve McPhillips of Honey Creek.
Malinda Hostetter of Colfax said any move to hold students back should include a coordinated effort between teachers and parents to make summer reading mandatory. Hostetter, who has a child in fourth grade, says too many teachers don’t make clear the importance of reading to maintain skills during summer break.
“Teachers need to work together to require students to read over the summer. Make sure parents know this is official,” she said.
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Same danged problem here:

Literacy plan would have many repeating 3rd grade
Nearly 1 in 3 Iowa fourth-graders last year lacked basic literacy skills and, if a proposal Iowa lawmakers will consider next year had been in place, most may have had...

You put the kids in school and they learn whatever they learn. You set up an elite school with an entrance examination THEN you can start requiring performance, but you can kiss egalitariansm goodbye. 

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