Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally a Cell Phone That Can Replace Landline? Sprint Phone Connect $20/mo

Just got this in my sprint e-mail. Always wondered if we could have our cellphone do our landline, we have cordless landline phones all over the house, but service to our hand cellphones isn't great, so this might not do the job if your cellphone service is spotty, but if it's solid, this might be good for you and bad for your landline service provider.

$140 or 0 with 2 year agreement

Get low-cost, unlimited Sprint phone service at your home or office. Just plug your existing home or office phone into the Sprint Phone Connect device and start making calls. You’ll be up and running – and saving money – in minutes. The device supports just about any analog phone you’re already using, including cordless phones with multiple handsets, so there’s no need to buy anything new.* Move your existing home or office phone number to Sprint or activate a new one. The Sprint Phone Connect device has built-in GPS to support 911 calling, and battery backup so your service stays up even when the power goes down. Plus, your calls aren’t limited by the availability of your internet connection. Sprint Phone Connect includes two standard phone jacks and all the services you’ve come to expect from analog phone service: voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling and call forwarding - all for a single price. When Sprint powers your mobile, home and office calling, you enjoy one simple, consolidated bill.

* The Sprint Phone Connect is not compatible with certain Home Security systems, IP-based or PBX office phone systems, fax machines, credit card machines, dial-up or DSL internet service, DVR or satellite tv services, medical alert services or collect calls. Please check with your service providers to confirm compatibility. Sprint Phone Connect operates on the Sprint wireless network. Wireless 911 and E911 are not the same as traditional landline telephone 911 and has inherent limitations, including automatic provision of precise location information, in-building coverage and power outages. Always be prepared to provide your exact location and callback number to emergency responders. See manual for proper installation and use to ensure compliance with applicable FCC regulation.

What's in the box

Sprint Phone Connect Device

External Antenna

Power Adaptor


Get Started Guide

Stand Bracket

RJ-11 cord

Sprint Phone ConnectSave big on your home or office phone service


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