Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Improvise on violin, viola, cello,- using Pachelbel's Kanon

How to Improvise on violin, viola, cello,- using Pachelbel's Kanon

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Take Your Improv Skills to the next Level!!

This free video is part of a larger series designed for classical string players to better internalize harmony and learn to improvise over multiple styles with ease and confidence.

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String players have been asking me for a long time about improvisation and alternative styles.

So, after teaching as an Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music, teaching thousands of string players in schools around the world,

and touring/recording with artists including Les Paul, Victor Wooten, Spyro Gyra, Bela Fleck, Bill Evans, Sam Bush, and more...

I've decided to offer Everything I know via comprehensive videos that go straight to the heart of things.

With my new Creative String Players video lessons, you can learn how to improvise fluently, with confidence, in many styles of music.

To take your improv skills to the next level click HERE 30 day money back guarantee

There are already dozens of videos up, and more will be added every month based on members' requests.

By getting in now you'll receive the early bird's locked in price of under $20 per month.

You'll learn:


Accessible Music Theory

Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues, Latin styles....

Hear, Understand, and Articulate Harmony

- Recognize chord progressions

- Form chord scales, learn how and when to combine scales

- Accompany, harmonize, and play songs unaccompanied

Improvise Immediately

-Develop confidence and overcome self-consciousness

-Jam freely with other musicians

Go Electric

-How to amplify
-How to use effects

Career and Music Business Tips

-Get more gigs
-Enjoy more variety of work
-Run your own business

MultiMedia Series- "Easy Tonal Improvisation"-
(8 videos, 5 mp3 backing tracks and a worksheet )
-Learn secrets to help you play notes that ALWAYS sound right!!
-Bass lines, loops, comping patterns in rock, bluegrass, reggae, and more

The Violin Harmony Handbook- 75-page ebook

- Practical harmony tips and comprehensive break down.
-Chord Glossary: Hundres of jazz chords on violin
-Unaccompanied arrangements
-Practice regimens

Content tailored at your request monthly

-new videos every month
-group calls
-exclusive interviews with amazing guests

Get access to the videos HERE 30 day money back guarantee

I understand what it feels like to feel self-conscious about improv, and to feel frustrated about it. My system will help you cut through to the heart of the matter, teaching you useful information and strategies that will give you confidence and knowledge so you can improvise fluently in many styles

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