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Mondoweiss says of Nidal Hasan and Sirhan Sirhan "Some wingnuts are going to act out"


Mondoweiss is one of many "Jews For Palestinians Against Jews" media, but even it acknowledges Sirhan's self-admitted motive of Palestine Patriotism before adopting the terrorist disformation cover story of hypnotism by MKULTRA.

"Sirhan Sirhan’s Palestinian motivation is an underexamined piece of our history. "

Chris Matthews touches on Sirhan’s motivation

What I found interesting is that Matthews several times referred to Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy’s murderer. He said that Sirhan was motivated by our Israel policy (which amazingly was the exact same 40 years ago as it is today: joined at the lip) and that Sirhan represented first, a terrorist organization, and second, a "country."
These are crude ideas. Matthews doesn’t fully understand the issue (unlike American political history, which he has on the inside of his eyelids). But it touches on the Nidal Hasan case in Fort Hood. Hasan is an American. He seems to have been motivated in part by anger over our Israel/Palestine policy–even Foreign Policy agrees with me here. So was the American Sirhan Sirhan. When Arab-Americans become enraged over an imbalanced policy, some wingnuts are going to act out.

Earlier this year I said that Sirhan Sirhan’s Palestinian motivation is an underexamined piece of our history. I’m glad Chris Matthews got into it. I hope this leads to a more thoughtful discussion about the costs of the special relationship, not just to our reputation overseas, but among Arab-Americans.
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