Thursday, December 08, 2011

Pluralsight Videos On Windows 8 Metro Are So Good I Watched Them

No kidding, They have a 10 day demo period, but I couldn't watch it all in that time, so I let them charge me for a month. It's not complete, but it is a good for-pay alternative Microsoft's scatter-shot preliminary docs and videos.


Building Windows 8 Metro Apps with C# and XAMLnew course
Ian GriffithsIntermediate [04:44:41] 10/17/2011
Building Windows 8 Metro Apps with C++ and XAMLnew courseKate GregoryIntermediate [03:46:58] 10/18/2011
Introduction to Building Windows 8 Metro Applicationsnew courseWahlin, PapaBeginner [05:04:38] 11/01/2011




Windows 8 Start Screen
Windows 8 Start Screen Demo
Metro UI
Metro UI Demo
App Snapping
App Snapping Demo
Charms Demo
App Bar
App Bar Demo
  • The Start Screen provides an app hubb
  • Metro apps are fast and fluid - no "chrome" artifacts like menus or control bars visible.
  • Snapping allows apps to be shown side-by-side (without full confusion of windows that can be just as cluttered as a real desktop
  • Charms support integration with Windows, apps or people
  • The App Bar provides app-specific actions

A Lap Around the Metro Application Framework
Metro App Framework
Metro App Framework Demo
Development Choices
App Lifecycle
App Lifecycle Demo
Controls Demo
Visual Studio Templates
Visual Studio HTML/JavaScript Templates Demo
Visual Studio XAML Templates Demo
Hello World Intro
Hello World HTML/JavaScript Demo
Hello World XAML/C# Demo
Getting Started Building HTML/JavaScript Metro Apps
Introduction to HTML Metro Apps
Metro Apps Demo
UI Surfaces, Layout, and Navigation
Message Dialog Demo
Fixed Layout Demo
Fluid Layout Demo
Fragment Navigation Demo
IFrame Navigation Demo
Controls Demo
Handling Events
Event Lifecycle Demo
Handling Events Demo
Data Binding
Data Binding Demo
Style Demo
Expression Blend Demo
Animation Demo
Adding Animations to an App Demo

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