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Parallels between Sirhan Sirhan and Nidal Hassan, Children of Immigrants

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Jerusalem connection: Profiles of Nidal Hasan and Sirhan Sirhan
Note: Intent of this thread is discussion on slants in our media reporting; with rare exceptions, overwhelming majority refugees from Jerusalem who have made new lives in US (arab or jewish) are peaceful, law abiding citizens.

There is unusual connection between Ft Hood shooter Nidal Hasan and Sirhan Sirhan who had assassinated Bobby Kennedy following his NY Senate run policy speech ; both are offsprings of Palestinians refugees whose parents moved from Jerusalem to US. In case of Sirhan Sirhan , a Palestinian Christian, US media had called him a "crazy" Jordanian at the time and it didn't come out for decades that he was a Palestinian and what his motivation was. All US cable TV media is today reporting Nidal Hasan also as a "Jordanian" also but this Aussie ABC news is reporting that he's also son of Palestinian refugess from Jerusalem.

Does US media tries to hide any Palestinian connection to acts of vioelnce on US soil on purpose? If so, what that purpose would be?

Two different news from this weeks google news:

Claims of harassment

Hasan, who dealt with troops returning from combat and faced his own imminent deployment, had been harassed by his military colleagues because of his "Middle Eastern ethnicity," said his cousin Nader Hasan.

"I don't think he's ever been disenchanted with the military," Nader Hasan told Fox News.

"It was the harassment.

"He hired a military attorney to try to have the issue resolved, pay back the government, to get out of the military. He was at the end of trying everything."

Nader Hasan says his cousin did not want to be deployed to Iraq.

"He is a good American and we are shocked," he said.

"We just found out the news that he was being deployed. He never even told us because we've known for the last five years that it was probably his worst nightmare."

He "was scheduled to be deployed and was upset about that," Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison told CNN.


Hasan was born in the United States to Palestinian parents who had emigrated from a small town near Jerusalem, his cousin said.
Robert F. Kennedy's killer is moved to new site
By LINDA DEUTSCH (AP) – 3 days ago

LOS ANGELES — An attorney for the man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy said Monday his client was transferred from a prison that houses high-risk offenders to a new facility where his life could be in danger.

Sirhan Sirhan
This article is about Robert F. Kennedy's assassin. For the Tanzim militant see Sirhan Sirhan (militant).
Sirhan Bishara Sirhan
سرحان بشارة سرحان

Personal information

Sirhan was born in Jerusalem to a Palestinian Christian family and immigrated as a child to the United States with his family. In his adult life, however, he made several religious conversions, joining Baptist and Seventh-day Adventist churches, and dabbled in the occult.[1] His family, which moved to the United States when Sirhan was 12, briefly lived in New York, and soon moved to California. He attended Eliot Junior High School (now known as Charles W. Eliot Middle School, Altadena, California), John Muir High School and Pasadena City College. He was employed as a stable boy in 1965 at the Santa Anita race track in Arcadia, California.[2]
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