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Movement to Free Sirhan Sirhan: The Real RFK Conspiracy?

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Sirhan Sirhan's lawyers are trying to prove that the "bullet was switched and he was brainwashed / hypnotized". Sounds like these are the same guys promoting anti-semitic 9-11 truth theories as yet another Arab terrorist cover story. Somebody is trying very hard  to hide the obvious conclusion that Sirhan Sirhan plainly stated and confessing he was a Palestinean Christian terrorist angry about Israel who was angry at Robert F Kennedy for approving the sale of F-4 Phantom fighters to Israel, with a lifetime of hatred to back it up.It is really not difficult to see (below) which people are promoting the "innocence" theory and where their loyalties lie as they are not shy to say who they are and who they think are the "real victims".

"They" also said Anwar al-Awlaki, Nidal "Fort Hood Shooter" Hasan, and the 19 "alleged" hijackers weren't terrorists either, and it's strictly a matter of science. Oh no, politics has nothing to do with their conclusion. When Ali Hassan Abu Kamal, a 69 year-old Palestinian teacher, opened fire on the observation deck of the Empire State Building  in 1997, they said it was his despondency over financial ruin, not the note saying he hated Israel. But ten years after the shooting, Abu Kamal's daughter revealed that she had lied, and her mother's account was a cover story fabricated by the Palestinian Authority as Abu Kamal sought revenge against the Americans, the British, and the French for supporting Israel.
Sirhan was actually the first big act of middle east / Palestinean terrorism in the name of "Freedom for Palestine" in the US long before 9/11 or Fort Hood. Makes you wonder what sort of people who go to such extremes to prove that Sirhan wasn't just a palestinean anti-Israel terrorist.

Geo-scientist Leuren Moret is a major promoter in the conspiracy media of the theory that JFK, RFK assasinations are linked to CIA programs at Lawrence Livermore where she worked. Moret is also a Fukushima alarmist who believes the Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011 was an attack by the HAARP weapon.

I have two hunches that explain almost all conspiracy theories. One is that the conspiracy theories are part of a unified conspiracy convince you of the exact opposite of what obviously happened, and paint the villians as the "real victims". The other is that people who bless the Jews generally good people to be friends with. People who want to destroy the Jews are generally not good people to be friends with.


  • Sirhan was a Christian Arab born in Jerusalem who strongly opposed Israel. In 1989, he told David Frost "My only connection with Robert Kennedy was his sole support of Israel and his deliberate attempt to send those 50 bombers to Israel to obviously do harm to the Palestinians". Some scholars believe that the assassination was one of the first major incidents of political violence stemming from the Arab Israeli conflict in the Middle East...Sirhan also testified that he had killed Kennedy "with 20 years of malice aforethought". He explained in an interview with David Frost in 1989 that this referred to the time since the creation of the State of Israel.[15]

  • Andrew Stevenssaid...
  • Mark Chapman is one of the few assassins (along with would-be assassins Hinckley and Giuseppe Zangara) who the words "lone nut" accurately describe. I do believe that Lee Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Leon Czolgosz, and James Ray all acted alone, but none of them were nuts. They just believed in their ideals passionately enough that they were willing to kill for them. For Oswald, it was Communism. For Sirhan Sirhan, it was the Palestinians. For Czolgosz, it was anarchy. For Ray, it was money (if that counts as an ideal). Okay, I do grant the possibility that Sirhan Sirhan was insane as well as politically motivated. 

  • Sirhan has long held that he is innocent and also that he was a victim of “mind control” techniques by the United States government. According to Sirhan and his lawyers, he was programmed under hypnosis to fire shots to provide a diversion (and later, a patsy) during the successful assassination attempt....Of course, there is that one small damning piece of evidence. Sirhan Sirhan took the witness stand in his own “defense” during his original trial and when prompted told the jury that he had killed Kennedy “with 20 years of malice aforethought.” Not only did he admit to the crime on the witness stand in the prosecution of himself, but he also proved his own premeditation.
  • Pepper, who has taken on other unpopular cases including that of Martin Luther King assassin James Earl Ray, stepped in after Sirhan’s previous lawyer died. At trial, Sirhan took the witness stand and said he had killed Kennedy “with 20 years of malice aforethought.” He later recanted the confession... Sirhan did not have adequate assistance of counsel at trial, noting that his chief attorney, Grant Cooper, decided Sirhan was guilty at the outset and never pursued available defenses.The Sirhan defense team settled on a claim of diminished capacity and never denied that Sirhan was the shooter of Kennedy, the brief noted.
  • Moldea: Response to Rose Lynn Mangan, Sirhan's handler Dan E. Moldea: On the continuing false charges by Rose Lynn Mangan, "Sirhan's researcher" January 7, 2007 In the aftermath of the May 1995 publication of my book, The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy: An Investigation of Motive, Means, and Opportunity (W.W. Norton)--in which I concluded that Sirhan Sirhan had committed the murder and acted alone--Team Sirhan launched a personal assault on me
  • Pam Geller: Sirhan Sirhan, Palestinian assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, launches new campaign for freedom The first Palestinian terrorist attack on US soil was the assassination of Robert Kennedy. The killer, Sirhan Sirhan, is seeking freedom based on some trumped-up fiction. Well, why not? The Obama adminstration has a soft spot for poor wittle terrorists -- perhaps Holder will take up Sirhan's cause.  They have launched a fresh appeal on behalf of Sirhan, 67, claiming in court for the first time that prosecutors fabricated ballistics evidence against him at trial, switching a bullet that was taken from the dead senator's neck for one that they claimed matched the defendant's gun. Lawyers also seek a re-examination of claims that Sirhan was framed by shadowy agents - indirectly suggested as being the CIA - who they say "hypno-programmed" him into taking part in the shooting to divert attention from their own fatal gunfire At trial in 1969, Sirhan - a Palestinian Christian refugee - was asked by his defence counsel, Grant Cooper, whether he had shot Senator Kennedy. "Yes sir," he replied, echoing admissions made in police custody directly after the incident."Do you doubt you shot him?" Mr Cooper demanded. "No sir, I don't," Sirhan responded, launching into a diatribe about US policy in the Middle East and later stating that he resented Senator Kennedy's support for Israel. "RFK must die - RFK must be killed," he wrote in a notebook prior to the shooting. But despite multiple confessions, insists Dr Pepper, Sirhan did not shoot Senator Kennedy
    An editorial in The Jewish Week is charging that the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan was the beginning of Palestinian terrorism for Americans.The report by Associate Editor Jonathan Mark, prompted by the 40th anniversary of the assassination this month, decries the absence of media publicity over the fact that Sirhan was a "West Bank immigrant" who wanted "fair play" for Palestinians and was infuriated over Kennedy's cozying up to the Jewish community during the election campaign campaign. Sirhan might have been the only gunman who shot Kennedy, but he was not a 'lone gunman.' He was the first Arab terrorist on American soil but hardly the last," Mark said.
    Read more: Jewish paper: RFK assassination was 'Palestinian terrorism'
  • SIRHAN WAS AN 'UNAFFILIATED' TERRORIST [worth considering the "unaffiliated'] ^ (pro-Israel)| May 19, 2006 | Mel Ayton
    The controversy surrounding the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy has once again been resurrected with the publication of Peter Evans’s book ‘Nemesis’ in which the author accuses Aristotle Onassis of having ‘funded’ the assassination through an official of the PLO.
    For nearly 40 years conspiracy advocates have built their arguments not only around the controversies surrounding the ballistics evidence and the scene of the crime but the oft-repeated cry that the assassin had no real motive for his act. Yet there is a mountain of evidence to prove the contrary.
    From the time he was a child Sirhan had been indoctrinated in ideologies that are at the center of his murderous act. Sirhan’s hatred had its roots in the milieu in which he was raised and the education he received. Later, as a young adult, Sirhan sought meaning to his increasingly hopeless life by embracing anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and Palestinian nationalism. The propaganda used by Palestinians had no less an effect on the younger generations of children from the 1940s to the present day. From an early age Sirhan had been taught by educators, family members and friends that the Jews were ‘treacherous’, ‘an evil enemy’ and it was his ‘duty’ to rid Jews from Palestine. Sirhan’s generation was taught to hate, despise and fear Jews, to believe that it was not only right for every self-respecting Arab to fight the Jewish state and that it was just and desirable to destroy it. Sirhan’s irrational hatred and anger towards the Jews did not originate with any mental illness he may have suffered. In fact his attitude was no different from that of the majority of Palestinians and the rest of the Arab peoples. His ideas were entirely rational within the norms of the Arab world Arab Jordanian school textbooks continued to refer to Israel as ‘foreign occupied Palestine’. The texts called for Israel’s destruction and made reference to the obligation Palestinians had to defend Islamic land. In the textbooks Jews were portrayed as thieves, occupiers and ‘enemies of the prophets’, ‘cunning’, ‘deceitful’, ‘wild animals’, ‘locusts’ and ‘treacherous’. ..Weidner quoted Sirhan as saying, “They (the Jews) have stolen my country. They have no right to be there. It belongs to Jordan and they have taken it.” ....John Weidner said, “I think he did it because he thought he was doing something for his country….(Sirhan) told me that when he was a child, he saw members of his family killed by Jews and he had to flee Jordan when he was a child. He was not a citizen and didn’t like the United States.” ...Sirhan knew that his crime ‘propagandised’ a political or ideological point of view – ‘a propaganda of the deed’ as the 1969 National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, described it . Sirhan attempted to advance his cause through publicity and there was a cause and effect relationship to his crime. In effect, Sirhan was an ‘unaffiliated terrorist’ and the motive for his act was established on the night he murdered Robert Kennedy when he cried out, ‘I did it for my country’.
  • Free Republic Jerusalem Post (conservative pro-Israel) Lenny Ben David on RFK - supporter of Israel murdered by Arab terrorist This Kennedy was our friend
    LENNY BEN-DAVID , THE JERUSALEM POST Jun. 4, 2008 RFK was a strong supporter of Israel, and that support was genuine, deep, and heart-felt. And it cost him his life.
    His oldest daughter, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, told me on his 30th yahrzeit, "He was killed by an Arab terrorist [Sirhan Sirhan] because of his support for Israel." Sirhan's motives - which were expressed in his diary and trial - were fueled by his anger over Israel's victory exactly one year earlier. the climax of the interview began as I asked Sirhan, yet again, whether he had confederates.

"Were you a participant in a conspiracy?" I asked.

Sirhan replied, "Do you think I would conceal anything about someone else's involvement and face the gas chamber in the most literal sense? I have no knowledge of a conspiracy."

"But, yes or no, were you part of a conspiracy, Sirhan?"

"I wish there had been a conspiracy. It would have unraveled before now."

"Then, why do you even talk about the possibility of being mind-controlled?"

"My defense attorneys developed the idea of The Manchurian Candidate theory."

"Then, once again, why don't you just accept responsibility for this crime?"

"If I was to accept responsibility for this crime, it would be a hell of a burden to live with--having taken a human life without knowing it."

"Then you are saying that you are willing to take responsibility, but you have no memory of committing the crime?"

"It's not in my mind, but I'm not denying it. I must have been there, but I can't reconstruct it mentally.

I suddenly realized that Sirhan had been lying to me and everyone else all along.... I finally began to understand Sirhan's entire strategy: As long as people, like me, continued to put forth supposed new evidence, he still had a chance to experience freedom. And, more than any other person in recent years, I had been keeping this case alive with all of my supposed new revelations about alleged extra bullets and the possibility that at least two guns that had been fired at the crime scene. As I sat there, I became furious with myself for nearly being hoodwinked by Sirhan and the circumstances of this entire case.

  • The first group to call for freedom for Sirhan was... Black September/PLO palestinean terrorist organization, along with other palestinean terrorists. They wanted to free Sirhan Sirhan: On March 1, 1973, a gang of eight operatives of the Black September Organization stormed a party at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum. The Black September gang demanded the release of Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy; the release of a Black September leader held in Jordan; and the release of several members of the Baader-Meinhof gang held in Germany.  That evening the Black September operatives marched American ambassador Noel, Moore and Eid to the embassy basement and brutally murdered them.From beginning to end the operation leading to the assassination of Noel and Moore was an Arafat/Fatah operation.

  • Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz is the author of numerous books, most recently Why Terrorism Works: Understanding the Threat, Responding to the Challenge (Yale University Press, September 2002). The incontrovertible evidence of Arafat's complicity in murder goes back to 1973, when Palestinian terrorists invaded a diplomatic reception at the Saudi Arabian embassy at Khartoum, Sudan and kidnapped two American diplomats and a Belgian diplomat. The U.S. National Security Agency intercepted a communication between Yasser Arafat in Beirut and Khalil al-Wazir in the Khartoum office of al-Fatah. According to James Welch, an American security agent who over- heard the intercept, Arafat was directly involved in the operation, which was code-named Nahr al-Bard, Cold River. The U.S. government has hard evidence that when the Americans refused the demands of the Palestinian terrorists--to free Sirhan Sirhan, the murderer of Robert Kennedy--Yasser Arafat personally ordered the murder of the three diplomats, one of whom was then the highest ranking African-American in the foreign service. The diplomats were taken to the basement of the embassy and tortured to death so brutally that "authorities couldn't tell which was black and which was white." Arafat took credit for these murders during a private dinner with Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu two months later.

    Conspiracy Theory links:
    Some other resources on the assasination. Note links between 9-11 conspiracy theorists and advocates that RFK was not shot by a "Arab palestinean radical". Most are from "progressive news" sources that work hard to defend the good name of Muslim and Palestine victims and blame Israel. What group could ultimately be behind such a viewpoint to defend Muslims and defame Jews?
    • Saturday, June 26, 2010 Sirhan Sirhan: In His Own Words
      by Stephen Lendman Shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, Robert Kennedy was shot, The New York Times headlining:  "Kennedy is Dead, Victim of Assassin; Suspect, Arab Immigrant, Arraigned; Johnson Appoints Panel on Violence" In their book, "The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy," Jonn Christian and William Turner made a convincing case "indicting Cesar for the crime," concluding "that Sirhan may have been firing blanks." Fetzer's article has detailed information on both JFK and RFK assassinations, accessed through the following link:
    • James Fetzer anti-semitic 9/11 truther (Fetzer does not identify the enemy, but most likely same Jewish "globalists" blamed for 9/11) JFK was threatening to cut the oil depletion allowance, which the Texas men regarded as their divine right. He had not invaded Cuba against the unanimous recommendation of the Joint Chiefs. He had signed an above ground test ban treaty with the Soviets against their unanimous opposition. And he was initiating the removal of American forces from Vietnam, where the chiefs believed that a stand had to be taken against the expansion of communism.Bobby, JFK’s Attorney General, was aggressively cracking down on organized crime. Jack was going to reform or abolish the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) and, perhaps most of all, he was going to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces.The policies he represented would have brought about significant change in the distribution of wealth and power, which they were unwilling to accept [59]. Once committed to the crime, they were intent that no one should ever pay for it, lest the public learn the truth about the institutions of their own government. When Bobby allowed that he was going to use the powers of the presidency to uncover the truth about his brother [60], it sealed his fate. And the lies continue. 
    • "I dedicate my research to the memory of Count Folke Bernadotte,  a great humanitarian and United Nations peace negotiator, who was murdered in cold blood by the Israeli Stern Gang. "
    • Here is  a portion of what Sirhan wrote that I so strongly take issue with: “As I began to develop the conviction that I was innocent based on the newly developed evidence by Rose Lynn Mangan and Larry Teeter…” 
    • Review by Leuren Moret on book about MKULTRA is an ongoing US government program run by the CIA. "The Sunol Zodiac Killers (Frank Boscarello - Navy assassin, and Carter Kerlin - Navy assassin) were involved in the Livermore Safe House where Sirhan Sirhan was seen 3 days before the Bobby Kennedy assassination. "
    •  Leuren Moret hosted by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd says that "Univ. of California and nuke labs involved as in 911, RFK assassination (Sirhan Sirhan at safehouse in Livermore)
    • Pacific Free Press (Islamocentic 9-11 conspiracy site) Black Death Biologist Dies in Lab Exposure by Tom Burghardt While these projects may only have achieved modest success in standing up programmable assassins, as evidence on Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan may suggest, MKULTRA and its spin-offs were primarily behavioral modification programs subsequently useful for what are now euphemistically termed "enhanced interrogation techniques," e.g., torture and as a formidable bioweapons project.  Burghardt's other work:
      •  From COINTELPRO to the illegal targeting of antiwar activists and Muslim-Americans, the FBI is America’s premier political police agency. And now, from the folks who brought us Wi-Fi hacking, viral computer spyware and al-Qaeda triple agent Ali Mohamed
      • Information Clearing House (Islamocentric 9-11 pro-Iran site)  a nonexistent "nuclear threat" is the pretext being used by Washington to install a "friendly" regime in Tehran ...As the U.S. and Israel ramp-up covert operations against Iran
    • DVD: RFK-The Second Dallas - Massimo Mazzucco (Director)   As with the plot to frame Lee Harvey Oswald, the verdict on Robert Kennedy's murder was decided even before the case went to court. A lone, deranged assassin has always been the best way to explain away, and distract attention from, much more intricate conspiracies. This landmark documentary summarizes the best evidence that has ever emerged, contradicting the official story of Robert Kennedy's assassination. While sold by the corporate media as an open and shut case against "Palestinian radical" Sirhan Sirhan, this riveting film presents meticulously researched evidence, by several independent investigators, exposing outrageous procedure violations, blatant forgeries, and unexplained dismissals on the part of the authorities, revealing a world-class cover-up. Note: Massimo Mazzucco  Mazzucco is the editor of, an Italian news site known especially for discussing conspiracy theories regarding the September 11 WTC attacks.
    •   Other writers have noted the psychological profile of Sirhan Beshara Sirhan noting a virtually impregnable “amnesia” which lasts to this day. In 1968 Dr. George Eastabrooks (considered by some to be the grand-daddy of hypnosis in warfare) told a reporter at the Providence Evening Bulletin that he had conducted extensive hypnosis work on behalf of the CIA, FBI and military intelligence. He went on to say that the key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in “creating a multiple personality, with the aid of hypnosis”, a technique which Eastabrooks considered as “child’s play. He went on to suggest that “Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby could very well have been performing through hypnosis Host: Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd  Guest: Leuren Moret, Environmental Commissioner, City of Berkeley, CA 
    • Moret, geo-scientist, formerly employed at Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab ... Salvador Astucia, was introduced to Ms. Moret by journalist Christopher Bollyn, formerly a writer with the [anti-semitc conspiracy oriented] American Free Press. ..Mr. Astucia states that he has linked individuals associated with Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab to the assassinations of both President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and ex-Beatle John Lennon.
    • JFK Lancer productions: "Legal researcher Rose Lynn Mangan offers proof of prosecutorial misconduct. She later told us she has been summarily barred from viewing evidence at the California State Archives. " sitemap
    • RFK Sirhan Evidence Report by Rose Lynn Mangan with Adel Sirhan. 4. Diagram of Ambassador Hotel panty and locations of witnesses. a. I ...
    • this comment from Rose Lynn Mangan: True Sirhan drew an overhead view of some of the Ambassador Hotel’s venue rooms - but what he did NOT draw was the Ambassador Hotel Pantry - the very room in which that terrible killing took place. As Sirhan’s legally appointed researcher I am somewhat familiar with the facts and history of the pantry events on 6-4/5-68. What would have gotten my attention is if Sirhan would have made a detailed drawing of the pantry lay-out, the three steam tables, the tray stacker, the ice machine etc. But from what I was able to make out of the drawing McCowan was trying to auction off is that there was no drawing of the pantry lay-out. That was the kill zone. Drawings of Rafferty and Cranston meeting rooms truly proved nothing.
    • Since RFK was walking towards Sirhan, and his body was always facing Sirhan during the shots even as he fell backwards it is impossible these shots originated from Sirhan’s weapon  Assassination Abnormalities   
      Posted by: rose lynn mangan
         I am very impressed with your Why not (Bobby Kennedy) ? posting. It it both thought provoking and accurate. Thanks for keeping Bobby Kennedy’s name alive.I want to thank you for your fine work. When I began examining the Sirhan trial transcripts there was one page that jumped out at me. Page 3976 ought to be etched in stone as a warning that this really did happen in America. There isn’t the slightest doubt in my mind – based on the facts in this case – that the men who ordered Bobby Kennedy’s assassination have never been brought to justice. Read pg 3967 for yourself and let me know what is going on??
    • ``Ruth Mangan had been on the fringes of the case all along because somehow she befriended Sirhan. She has all of his papers, plus a whole series of personal letters to her,'' Harper said. ``After we received her papers, a reporter, Ted Charach, contacted us and offered us his collection. He'd been investigating Bobby Kennedy's shooting since 1968.''
    • CBS and the RFK Case
      By Lisa Pease  Two newsman... had written to Sirhan Sirhan in prison, asking for an interview based on his recent and new claim of innocence at his last parole hearing. Sirhan forwarded CBS’s letter to his trusted researcher, to whom he has granted limited power of attorney, Rose Lynn Mangan. ... The two went to see Sirhan in the company of Mangan, Sirhan’s brother Adel,and Sirhan’s current lawyer Larry Teeter
    • Lawyer Teeter's 1998 statement  At first glance, the RFK case seems open and shut. After all, Sirhan Sirhan was arrested with a gun in hand at the scene. There the simplicity ends, however. There is an abundance of evidence which refutes the official version of this crime....Dr. Herbert Spiegel, a New York psychiatrist who teaches at Columbia University and who is widely regarded as among this country's leading experts on hypnosis, has concluded that Sirhan was probably acting out hypnotic commands when he fired a gun in Senator Kennedy's presence that fateful day.
    • Read Dan Bernstein's column that ran June 5, 1998 in The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA). "On the evening of June 5, 1998…[at a JFK/Lancer Open Forum in Santa Monica, CA]…I disclosed in public, for the first time, what I knew about LAPD's role in Bobby Kennedy's assassination and the ugly and well documented CIA truth behind it…" Mike Ruppert is a former LAPD narcotics investigator who believes that the RFK assassination is tied directly to the CIA, his life, and the LAPD officers working for CIA who groomed his early career.
      Of 68 total pages in Sirhan's diary, the only one that mentions "RFK."
    • Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy? Shane O'Sullivan says he has evidence implicating three CIA agents in the murder The Guardian, Sunday 19 November 2006  24-year-old Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan steps down from a tray-stacker with a "sick, villainous smile" on his face and starts firing at Kennedy with an eight-shot revolver. As Kennedy lies dying on the pantry floor, Sirhan is arrested as the lone assassin. He carries the motive in his shirt-pocket (a clipping about Kennedy's plans to sell bombers to Israel) and notebooks at his house seem to incriminate him. I uncovered new video and photographic evidence suggesting that three senior CIA operatives were behind the killing. I did not buy the official ending that Sirhan acted alone, and started dipping into the nether-world of "assassination research", crossing paths with David Sanchez Morales, a fearsome Yaqui Indian. Morales was a legendary figure in CIA covert operation. O'Sullivan was interviewed by 911Blogger: RFK Must Die: A chat with filmmaker Shane O'Sullivan 
    • "Shane O'Sullivan's work on the RFK case is a joke.  With his reliance on repudiated evidence and imaginary conspirators, he has done nothing more than create yet another paranoid's paradise."
    •   , Seattle Exopolitics Examiner On May 9, 1968, just prior to his June 5, 1968 assassination by CIA's Project Artichoke, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy had written of the organic connection between UFOs and extraterrestrial life, “As you may know, I am a card-carrying member of the Amalgamated Flying Saucers Association. Therefore, like many other people in our country I am interested in the phenomenon of flying saucers.
    • By Carl Kozlowski 11/16/2006  From his brother: It was unbelievable. He had never said anything about Kennedy either way,” recalls Munir Sirhan, hiding his pain behind dark shades while sitting at a table inside a Pasadena Starbucks. “From the start, I doubted the charges because Sirhan couldn’t hurt a fly. He wasn’t capable of it, running at someone and shooting them. Now he’s spent nearly his entire life in prison, and he’s the only family I have left..he harbored a dream of becoming a United Nations interpreter, hoping to bring peace to the world ..MKULTRA was in fact a real-life, top-secret program that ran throughout much of the 1950s and ’60s in which the CIA attempted to master brainwashing techniques and hypnotize ordinary people into doing its dirty work. The question is not whether the program existed, but whether it was ever taken beyond the experimental phase and into directing its hypnotized subjects into committing assassinations and other such activities. .. mysterious polka dot lady: she heard “the polka dot lady” say, “We shot Kennedy.” Yet the lady was never found, and it is believed that a valid search was never conducted for her. “I think she was the one who said something to Sirhan that sent him into deep amnesia as Helms planned,” ...nvestigative reporter Dan Moldea, author of the 1995 book “The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy,” believes that any connection between Sirhan Sirhan and MKULTRA “was complete bullshit” and that Sirhan acted on his own accord out of a desire for fame and anger over Kennedy’s support for Israel against Palestine. He says that until Teeter came aboard to represent Sirhan, years after his initial trial, Sirhan never mentioned MKULTRA and “just claimed he was drunk and couldn’t remember that night.” “Now he’s saying he didn’t do it, but he was heavily influenced by Teeter, who believed that the CIA was responsible for anything that went wrong in society and was a real conspiracy buff,” claims Moldea.I’ve heard the California authorities have listed him as second on their list of terrorists, next to Osama bin Laden, even though he’s not a Muslim.” ...He decided to wrap a towel around his head to keep it warm, and was watching the round-the-clock post-disaster coverage when a passing guard noticed the towel and the TV and made the incredible assumption that not only was Sirhan Sirhan suddenly a Muslim, but that his interest in the news coverage meant he must have had a hand in plotting the Sept. 11 attacks
    • Free Sirhan Sirhan! His imprisonment is a cruel injustice that's been going on for over 44 years and counting  so tweets a 9-11 truth site. 
    • dean Hartwell wants to Free Sirhan. His book? "Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11," reached the top of Amazon's charts for large print books on history. He has authored three others: "Facts Talk but the Guilty Walk:the 9/11 No Hijacker Theory and Its Indictment of Our Leaders," ....
    • Somali Muslim for Sirhan: 

      Free Sirhan Bashaar Sirhan Nov 26, 2011

      Sirhan Sirhan was a palestinian Christian and He killed Robert Kennedy because he was Trying to Send 50 Jets to Israil to bomb Palestinians. To him Nationalism was more Important than Religion because both Kennedy and Sirhan were Christians.
    • Sirhan's Catholic mother appeals to Pope in 1987: Sat Sept 5, 1987 Lodi(CA) News-Sentinel
      Mother asks pope to help free Sirhan Sirhan
      (UPI) Ther mother of Sirhan Sirhan and the head of an Arab-American Relations Committee said they have urged Pope John Paul II to help free the assasin of Sen Robert F. Kennedy. Mrs. Sirhan, a Catholic, said in a telephone interview .... because he's a christian and I am a Christian and the Christian part of the world is the best way to use Christ to sway.
      Sirhan has paid his debt to society but was being denied parole "because of racial discrimination and political prejudice against the Palestinean Arabs",595692

    Project MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE did exist:
    n his 2009 book, A Terrible Mistake, researcher H. P. Albarelli Jr. concurs with the Olson family and concludes that Frank Olson was murdered because a personal crisis of conscience made it likely he would divulge state secrets concerning several CIA programs, chief among them Project ARTICHOKE and an MKNAOMI project code-named Project SPAN.

    Conspiracy theories:

    MKULTRA plays a part in many conspiracy theories given its nature and the destruction of most records.[60]
    Lawrence Teeter, attorney for convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan, believed Sirhan was under the influence of hypnosis when he fired his weapon at Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. Teeter linked the CIA's MKULTRA program to mind control techniques that he claimed were used to control Sirhan.[61]

    Artichoke was also a real project, but its objective was to information from prisoners, not hypnotize people into shooters.
    Project ARTICHOKE (also referred to as Operation ARTICHOKE) was a CIA project that researched interrogation methods and arose from Project BLUEBIRD on August 20, 1951, run by the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence.[1] A memorandum by Richard Helms to CIA director Allen Welsh Dulles indicated Artichoke became Project MKULTRA on April 13, 1953.[2]
    The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.
    ARTICHOKE was an offensive program of mind control that gathered information together with the intelligence divisions of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and FBI. In addition, the scope of the project was outlined in a memo dated January 1952 that stated, "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?"[3][4][5][6][7]

    Who Says Somebody Else Killed JFK?

    A lot of these folks have anti-Zionist 9-11 conspiracy connections.
    Truthjihad (Keven Barrett's Islamocentric 9-11 truth site) Saint John Hunt, recipient and custodian of father E. Howard Hunt's confession to participating in the LBJ-approved, CIA-orchestrated murder of JFK Kevin Barrett our own government has slaughtered 3000 people in the World Trade Center and blamed it on their enemies. People in our own government, the people really in charge, kill the President, kill his brother, and so on... he was part of this "Big Event" (CIA code for its JFK asassination plot),

    9-11 truth site says whistleblower tells the truth to Arab  newspaper. Israel killed JFK,says Vanunu PTI | July 26, 2004 | 14:27 ISTIn a startling accusation, nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has alleged that Jerusalem was behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, who was exerting pressure on the then Israeli head of state to shed light on the Dimona nuclear plant.  In defiance of a ban on talking to the media and meeting with foreigners, Vanunu is said to have made the accusation in an interview to London-based Al-Hayat newspaper. As per the interview published in newspaper's Arabic supplement Al-Wassat yesterday, Vanunu said according to "near-certain indications", Kennedy was assassinated due to "pressure he exerted on then head of government, David Ben-Gurion, to shed light on Dimona's nuclear reactor".
    Commnt on this No conspiracy theory is too far fetched for muslims. Hatching conspiracy theories is their favourite pastime.
    Syrian economist says Kennedy was killed by Jewish lobby for establishing government banks.
    MEMRI keeps finding these gems....
    Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian economist Muhammad Sharif Mazloum, which aired on Al-Kawthar TV on October 10, 2008. [...]
    In the 1960s, President John Kennedy decided to establish governmental banks to protect the dollar, in which the gold that was pouring into America would be deposited. What became of Kennedy? He was killed by the Zionist lobby. This is a fact that nobody is aware of – but a fact it is. That was the reason Kennedy was killed.

    Afrocuaweb The Mossad Role in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
    by Michael Collins Piper (anti-zionist conspiracy activist)

    many of Israel’s friends in America have reacted quite hysterically to my contention that the Mossad played a role in the assassination of America’s president.

    In addition, although there are many who believe that the CIA had a hand in the JFK assassination, quite a few of those same people are fearful of mentioning the likelihood of a Mossad role. Yet, as journalist Andrew Cockburn has pointed out:

    "There has been since almost the earliest days of the Israeli state and the earliest days of the CIA a secret bond, basically by which Israeli intelligence did jobs for the CIA and for the rest of American intelligence. You can’t understand what’s been going on with American covert operations and the Israeli covert operations until you understand this secret arrangement.

    Final Judgment documents that in 1963 JFK was embroiled in a bitter secret conflict with Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s drive to build the atomic bomb; that Ben-Gurion resigned in disgust, saying that because of JFK’s policies, Israel’s "existence [was] in danger." Then upon JFK’s assassination, U.S. policy toward Israel began an immediate 180-degree turnaround.

    When Robert Kennedy was Attorney General, he went after the unions' corruption of pension funds, the mafia, and the drug trade. All of this eventually involves Zionists, so Bobby needed to be removed, but you just don't kill the President's brother, you first kill the President. (anti-Zionist conspiracy site) More Evidence Mossad Killed JFK Over Israeli Nukes
    The Missing Link In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy
    Letter from JFK to Israeli Prime Minister Eshkol makes  clear JFK did NOT want the Jewish state to develop nuclear weapons and that he was demanding regular US inspections of the Dimona Nuclear facility...

    Salvador Astucia Lords

    Israel, the Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination by (Dec. 2003, 2nd edition)

    • book reveals how Israel exploited the Western powers’ long history of opium trafficking as a means of toppling the young American president. The main factions in the conspiracy were Zionist instigators, the American Mafia (headed by Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky and his lieutenant, Santo Trafficante), French-Corsican crime syndicates in Marseilles, France and Southeast Asia, and the US military.
    conclusion posted on radioislam: A third outcome of President Kennedy’s assassination was the Six Day War, a watershed event that transformed Israel from a small nation into a colonial empire. Although Israel became a nation in 1948, it expanded dramatically after the Six Day War. Israel took from the Arabs—through military force—the Old City of Jerusalem, the Sinai and the Gaza Strip, the Jordanian territory west of the Jordan River known as the West Bank, and the Golan Heights, on the Israeli-Syrian border.5 In addition to acquiring new land, Israel gained control of an additional 900,000 Arabs who became the discontented subjects of the new Israeli empire. Since 1967, the number of Arabs under Israel’s military control has grown to over 1.75 million.6Amnesty International has documented Israel’s inhumane treatment of its Palestinian subjects citing arbitrary arrests, torturing detainees, destroying or sealing the homes of Arab suspects and their relatives, confiscating land, destroying crops, and diverting precious water from thirsty Palestinians in the desert to fill the swimming pools and water the lawns of Israeli settlers.7
    More hits on author Astucia who brings association with Michael B. Piper, American Free Press, Christopher Bollyn, Erid Hufschmid, and

    Salvador Astucia, author of the book Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination: The FBI's War on Rock Stars, wrote that it didn't take Michael B. Piper [a.k.a. Michael ... · Cached page · Mark as spam

    Salvador Astucia - FBI is a Huge Zionist Police Force . by Christopher Bollyn 30 October 2006 · Cached page · Mark as spam Veterans Today: (anti-Zionist 9-11 conspiracy site) Framing the Patsy: The Case of Lee Harvey Oswald: New evidence and research show that the lies we have been told about the assassination of JFK were a massive cover up  by Jim Fetzer and Jim Marrs (both anti-zionist 9-11 conspiracy-ists)

    Sirhan lawyers: Bullet was switched and he was hypnotized before ...


    rose lynn mangan said...

    My focus is now and has been in the past a careful study of the numerous inconsistencies with Sirhan ballistics evidence. Now as to Sirhan separate from ballistics problems - I leave that to others to decide. And as for Israel. I very much want the Jewish people to live in peace and equally so I wish peace for the Palestinians. And just as there are Palestinian terrorists so too are there Israeli terrorists - I speak to the cold blooded murder of Bernadotte by Israeli terrorists - not Palestinians - and it was over a land grab. Don't be afraid to speak the truth. Both sides are equally to blame for the violence and continuing hatred. Time to stop and give peace a chance.
    That in a nutshell is my two cents' worth.
    I close with these words ; I love America more than Israel or any other nation.
    Rose Lynn Mangan

    Spike said...

    Robert Kennedy was shot in the back of the head, from point blank range.

    Sirhan was, at all times, every single one of 70 plus people in the room state, a minimum of 3-4 feet in front of Robert Kennedy.

    Regardless of whether or not he remembers it (he doesn't) and regardless of whether or not he had any bad feeling or hatred for Kennedy (he didn't, he considered him a hero and was planning to vote for him) and regardless of how he tried to justify it to himself after the fact (the whole business of the Phantom Jets is a red herring and an embedded command to anchor and rationalise his acts after the fact - as bourne out by the fact that in 1968, EVERY candidate was Pro-Israel and pledging to send bombers in the wake of the Six Day War), regardless of all of that....

    He received a death sentence (subsequently commuted to life) in 1969 for something he was physically incapable of doing.

    He could not possibly have murdered Robert Kennedy, had he even wanted to.

    He didn't kill him. He just didn't. Someone else did.

    A Man named Thane Eugene Cesar, posing as Security Guard, who WAS standing behind Bobby and who is today still alive and well and free and living in the Philipines.

    End of story.

    Do NOT make this about antisemitism. How dare you.

    This is not about race or land, this is about right and wrong.

    He didn't do it, he couldn't possibly have done it.

    It physically is not possible.

    Look at you now; A shanda fur die goy.

    Your mother would be ashamed if she could see you now,

    Spike said...

    I would also point out how utterly redundant, fallacious and ignorant it is make any mention of 9/11 or Islamic terrorism for the very simple, obvious and ridiculously easy to discover reason that he is and always has been a lifelong Christian.

    Insofar as you want to bring up the question of "real victims".?

    Well, he genuinely is one and you'd be a fool not to recognise that.

    The most susceptible people to hypnosis and mind control techniques and manipulation are people who are subjected to trauma at a very early age; it causes the mind to become partitioned in order to cope, experiencing such thing at a very early age, particularly war crimes, attrocities, brutalitity, hardships and great suffering.

    Well, he had that. He was born in the New town of Jerusalem 1944, before his family and people were all foricbly removed and relocated to live in the Old City in utterly squalid conditions. A grew up being perceuted and having his familiy's friends vlown up, beaten or shot by the British Mandatory Forces AND Irgun,

    One day he came back from drawing water from the well for his mother to find a real, severaed and dismembered human hand in the pail. I can't even imiagine how long I would have screamed for if I experienced that as a kid of 6 or so.

    That's why he's so highly suggestible and such an ideal hypnotic subjectl traumatic childhood experiences force a person to access a dissociative state. That's what made him sick originally and so easy to manipulate.

    Bobby Kennedy didn't do that to him, the CIA didn't do that to him,the State of Israel didn't do that to him, America didn't do that to him, Moshe Dayan did that to him. And everyone he knew up til the age of 12 when his fmaily were finally forced out of their home.

    I don't know where you place your minimum standard for "real victim" status, but wherever it is, he qualifies.

    He was getting rocket attacks and grenades lobbed towards his family home in the Old City and spat on in the street when your Grandfather was still in diapers.


    BlArthurHu said...

    Spike, you sound like anti-israel, pro-Arab and palestine terorist apologist. Conspiracy theories such as the sirhan did not do it for palestine theory are constructed to convince people of the opposite of the obvious truth, and people who construct these things are only pointing out who they are really working for, and it is not in the best interest of either the Americans or the jews. Sirhan was the first palestine terrorist attack on US soil, and the disinformation machine, to your credit, has somehow managed to obscure that obvious conclusion.