Friday, December 02, 2011

Real Math Advocate David Klein Has Joined The Jihad?

I've been a good fan of David Klein for attacking the offensive and harmful "reform" mathematics movement which is a war against mathematics, but I was surpised to find this saying that's joined the Global Jihad against Israel:

from his college website

CSUN and Political Issues
An Open Letter to CSU Chancellor Charles Reed Regarding the CSU-Israel Study Abroad Program (Please endorse)
Bumantu Peace Institute: Pan-African Institute for Peace, Education, Dialogue, and Development, California State University, Northridge
Institute for Sustainability, California State University, Northridge  Join world wide actions to help slow global warming
Boycott Israel Resource Page
David Klein is the faculty advisor for the CSUN's Students for Justice in Palestine and for the CSUN Greens.  The U.S. Green party has endorsed BDS and the academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

Why is Norman Finkelstein Not Allowed to Teach? in Works and Days, special issue: Academic Freedom and Intellectual Activism in the Post-9/11 University,  February 2009
CSUN United for Peace and Justice, a coalition of CSUN faculty, students, and university community members


CSU Northridge David Klein's offensive webpage.

Is there a limit to academic freedom? Is there ever a time when academic freedom crosses the line into full-fledged indocrination of students? Does a Professor have the right to post offensive, racially charged and academically irrelevant material on his state-funded website?

From the AMCHA Initiative, authored by Tammi Benjamin, a nominee for Jewish Community Hero of 2011

David Klein, a Mathematics professor at California State University Northridge, is a founding member of the Academic Boycott of Israel campaign, and recently authored an open letter to CSU Chancellor Reed, urging him to rescind the newly revived CSU-Study Abroad Program in "apartheid" Israel. Professor Klein uses the official website of the CSUN Mathematics department to post anti-Semitic text and pictures, which are intended to incite hatred of Israel and her supporters and encourage political activism to harm the Jewish state.

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